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Tricia Barker on NDEs

MysticMag has the privilege of gaining some insight into the world of Tricia Barker and her experience as an NDEr. Tricia is a teacher, in addition to practicing Theta Healing, Intuitive Readings and Medium Readings.

Would you say that your bond with other near-death-experiencers is unique, and something quite unattainable for others?

I’m not sure that my bond with other NDErs is unattainable for others. However, what I have noticed is that when we (near-death experiencers) talk about the light…talk about God…we get excited. Wonder returns to our eyes. The unconditional love we experienced is something not of this earth—it is more powerful than the most passionate love or a parent’s love for a child.

Sometimes, we near-death experiencers can hold on to a piece of that unconditional love. Not every near-death experience features a long time in that state of bliss, oneness, and peace. I’d say we share a “knowing” of experience outside of our bodies, and many of us choose to help humanity in one way or another.

Do you believe that you were, in some way, ‘chosen’?

What I believe is that when it is your time to go, it is your time…. and when it isn’t your time…it isn’t your time and there must be more to do in your life.

For me, the near-death experience was a correction on my path. I was depressed and materialistic at 21. I wanted to eventually be a lawyer and make a lot of money to help “heal” my wounded ego from growing up poor and being bullied for wearing garage sale clothes. Before my NDE, I had a lot of insecurities.
Afterwards, I felt happy to be alive and to be able to walk. It took four months to come out of the body cast, but my recovery was solid and I was grateful for everything….each bite of food, each conversation, etc… The near-death experience oriented me to care more about spreading light and healing for others and reminding others of their potential…and to help others not fear death.

I was chosen for a particular mission. In the presence of God/the light, I was told that I would return and work as a teacher and help many students remember their joy and connection to purpose. Honestly, I wasn’t excited about hearing this because I remembered growing up poor. I joke that God was my guidance counselor, so I really didn’t have any choice but to go into teaching. Many years later, I can say that it has been a joy to teach students. I have been supported energetically by the other side as a teacher.
Additionally, I am a rape survivor and child abuse survivor, so over the years I have helped many students on their healing journeys. Sometimes, we might wonder why there is much suffering here on this planet, and what I have found is that we heal better in community. When we wish well for one another, we are energetically supported in this healing. Classrooms can, at times, be helpful on a student’s healing journey.

What were the most valuable lessons you brought back with you from the Light?

Most of all, I don’t fear death. I have a knowing that our soul goes on after death. My consciousness seemed more expansive, more connected on the other side. Dreams are easily forgotten, but it is impossible to forget the near-death experience. Some moments of wisdom from the other side include hearing these messages—
Love is all that matters and all that we take with us when we leave our bodies.
Remind people to go to nature.
Be like a little child—be loving, be in the moment, forgive easily, see the wonder and joy in life….
Our ancestors will be there to greet us when we cross over.
God’s love/Creator’s love can heal us of all trauma and pain we have experienced while here on earth. In other words, Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal.
Fear is what creates a distance from love/joy/God. It is important to remind others to access their own connection to joy, creativity, and to unconditional love. We heal emotionally/spiritually (and sometimes physically) because of unconditional love.
We are connected to one another energetically, so it is important to pray, meditate and send peaceful good energy to others. This benefits us as well.

How do you help others to heal, and to live life to the fullest?

I believe in my students and see the light in them. When we believe in others, we energetically support people on their journeys. Teaching offers us a great opportunity to get our own egos out of the way and be assisted by a power greater than us in the act of helping others. I still teach at the college level, and I also work as a medium and Theta Healer. Many people who are in deep grief over the loss of a loved one benefit from medium readings. These verifiable details from the other side often assure others that their loved one is still connected to them through love. Theta Healing works on cultural programming and helps people on energetic levels break free from limiting thought patterns.

In your opinion, do people who pass over go through the same experience on the other side as you did?

Many people who have NDEs report all or most of these aftereffects. I made a video about my aftereffects. ( )

Here are two websites that go over the research about NDEs:
Near Death Experience (NDE) Overview –
Distressing Near-Death Experiences –

The research backs up my personal experiences interviewing others. Most people do not have distressing NDEs, but a small percentage do experience “hellish” NDEs. Here is a website about the aftereffects of NDEs. I have experienced all of these aftereffects and many NDErs have as well (

What can you tell us about your memoirs – Angels in the OR

I love memoirs like “Eat, Pray, Love” and “The Glass Castle.” My memoir begins with my accident and near-death experience, but I wrote it much like a traditional memoir. I have an MFA in Creative Writing, so I wanted this memoir to be a quick, readable story about survival and healing. My favorite parts to write were the parts about the near-death experience and the sections about teaching. Teaching was my mission from the afterlife, so it felt great to write about a few of these moments.

Here is the synopsis and a few reviews of Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me about Healing, Survival, and Transformation

Tricia Barker was a depressed, agnostic college student at The University of Texas in Austin…until a profound near-death experience (NDE) during surgery revolutionizes her entire world. As she learns to walk again, Tricia lets go of painful wounds from childhood and integrates some of the aftereffects of her spiritual journey into her daily life. She returns to college with renewed vigor, intending to embark on a new path by becoming an English teacher.

But after a year of teaching in the US, Tricia travels to South Korea, where she is the victim of a sexual assault. Now, she must use the wisdom she gained on the Other Side to heal herself; and later, guide countless junior high, high school, and college students to greater peace. Through teaching and mentoring others—many of whom are struggling with traumas of their own—Tricia decides to devote her life to bringing the “light” she experienced during her NDE to individuals who are seeking solace, inspiration, and overall well-being.

“Angels in the OR abounds in rarities. It is rare for a near-death experiencer to have the command of English to make the ineffable experience clear. It is rare for such an experience to contain such clear guidance about future career. It is also rare to hear an experiencer tell of trauma and healing in the aftermath of the experience. This book offers these rare gems to its readers. Those unfamiliar with near-death experiences will find an excellent introduction to the experiencer’s perspective; those familiar will find wonders anew in Tricia’s story.” — Janice Miner Holden, EdD, professor of counseling at the University of North Texas, licensed professional counselor-supervisor, past president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies

“Angels in the OR is about a spiritual journey of a very alive and honest woman. She hides nothing from her truthful account of living, dying, and living more fully. Tricia Barker is an engaging and compassionate person who has found her purpose in life. Following her beautifully written story will confirm the readers about their own journey. Share the light with her as she brings the love into our world.” — Howard Storm, author of “My Descent into Death,” minister, writer, and painter

“This is one book you won’t want to miss! Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me about Healing, Survival, and Transformation is exceptionally beautiful and enthralling. Tricia Barker’s near-death experience is remarkable. With each turn of the page there are powerful insights and understandings that could change your life. This outstanding book is expertly written, remarkably easy to read, and enthusiastically recommended.” — Jeffrey Long, M.D., author of New York Times bestselling “Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences”

“Tricia Barker’s Angels in the OR is far more than the story of a profound near-death experience. It is a book of profound spiritual wisdom, which comes from the author’s life of healing from great physical pain, emotional trauma, and most of all from her inspiring dedication to her life as a teacher. I was deeply moved by this book. The light and infinite love of God often shines through Tricia Barker’s words.” — Kenneth Ring, Ph.D. is a retired Professor Emeritus of psychology at the University of Connecticut and an internationally recognized authority on the subject of near-death experiences. He is the co-founder and past president of The International Association for Near-Death Studies.

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