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Affirmation of Commitment

I recently said to me my wife, “please remind me when I’m down or not functioning well that allI need is a solid meditation practice.”

She does, and I am grateful.

At work my boss says to me “Have you been meditating?” when I don’t react to issues, when I’m calm and peaceful.

He can tell a mile off when my practice is strong.

I am awaiting a psychiatrist appointment for an ADHD diagnosis. I can really struggle in this world which is why my love for meditation is so strong. It creates nothing short of a miracle in my life.

Still, life sometimes throws me off course. A late night can be enough to start a downward spiral of me missing one session, then two, then being so filled with restlessness that I throw the towel in for a few days.

So, what to do?

How can we keep this fire for practice blazing?

I read recently in a book by Shaila Catherine about creating a written commitment.

To do this we go through our motives for meditation and create a phrase, affirmation or even a lengthy written piece; something we can reflect on before we practise.

I have voice recorded my commitment and added it to a set of affirmations I wrote that I listen to regularly. This way I can play it and it reminds me what is at stake.

I am Buddhist, so mine might be very different to yours.

I encourage you to really reflect on why you sit down to meditate.

Maybe you’re a beginner, or would like to start; great, write down a few lines why and keep it on your phone and read it regularly.

Maybe you’re a serial stop and starter, this will be a game changer for you if so.

The best time to read it is just before you meditate.

Mine is below, let me know how you get on.

Today I choose to practise meditation with depth and determination.

I aim for the full spiritual heights that are a living reality.

I will not waste my time escaping into things that cannot free me or benefit others.

I know that meditation can bring me complete freedom and long-lasting happiness like nothing else can.

I will sit through restlessness, and work towards the great treasure of peace that lies within me.

Every moment of sitting builds my capacity for a joyous life, unburdened by the woes of the world.

My executive function and depression issues can be solved by dedicated practice alone.

I will slowly increase my sitting until an hour is easy again and I will commit to at least twice daily practice.

I will check my phone daily to see if I am being true to myself with time spent.

I will not chase or run from impermanent feelings, I choose equanimity.

I will radiate loving kindness to all beings.

Nothing is more important in my day than this aspiration, for it will carry me safely in this world and beyond.

I bow to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha.

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