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Soul to Soul Communication with Stephanie L. Brown

Stephanie L. Brown – Animal Communicator – discusses with MysticMag how she has bridged the gap between the scientific and spiritual worlds throughout her experience and while performing her work. We have a closer look at Stephanie’s world of communication with animals and humans.

What is your definition of a soul?

My doctorate is in metaphysics and this is undeniably the study of the soul. There are so many belief systems and everybody has their own definition of what a soul may be. Personally, I like to think that the Creator gave us a little part of themselves and it is ours to cherish and ours to care for. The question is how are we going about this and are we representing our Creator to the best of our abilities? A soul is like a teardrop of joy.

We all have souls: Does working with animals and humans differ so?

For me there is no difference. A soul is the sentience or the essence of that individual that is animating the body, whether this body be human or animal. I have seen elephants and dogs cry, cats who are so filled with love, horses who have tears of gratitude… Animals do their best to express the soul and the sentience for the real feel of emotion through the means that they have in the physical body.
If I am working with people as a spiritual coach, I see the soul and the essence of who they are coming through. The soul is a separate ‘entity’ and each soul has its own existence. Whether that soul is attached to a body or out of a body, does not negate the fact that it is a soul.
Like a human may animate a car or a bicycle, which will sooner or later be traded in and upgraded, a soul animates a physical body. This soul will eventually step out of this body and possibly move into a new one. Like cars, each body serves a different purpose.

How were you able to bridge the gap between the veterinary and spiritual worlds, both practically and emotionally?

Because I started animal communication so young – it was an absolute – as a child I did not see any other option other than to pursue veterinary medicine. My plan was to start with a Registered Veterinary Technician degree and license to support myself while I pursued the education and license of a veterinarian.
I had always had the ability to see the spiritual world. However, when I was growing up there was a lot of religion and judgment surrounding me so aspects of the psychic world could not be discussed with anybody. My mother had psychic tendencies and my parents actually discussed the fact that if any of the children were to show signs of this predisposition, they were going to get them help so that the child would not have to suffer the judgment of others.
I started working with a lady when I was 10 and she was amazing. She gave me the guidance through her gift of teaching and experience so I would develop those psychic aspects of myself. My intention was to keep the two worlds separate as I pursued my studies. I did for a while and then the two worlds merged as I finished my doctorate in metaphysics after working as a Licensed Veterinary Technician for over 25 years.
In parallel, I never stopped developing my psychic skills. Throughout my veterinary career, I would hear the animals talking to me yet I was unable to provide a voice for them, legally. I knew they were teaching me. It was a challenging time and I realized that all I could do was to help them by explaining what they were about to go through, explain their diagnosis and show compassion.
Often, I would know what was wrong with the animal before the veterinarian or the owner, because the animal had voiced its discomfort to me. Legally, I was however unable to express this because of the limitations of my license and the veterinarians license. Towards the latter part of my career, a few of the veterinarians were more open minded and were willing to listen to the pet’s perspective.

What exactly do you offer your clients, 2 & 4 legged?

With the 4-leggeds, a major part of my work in which I specialize is working as a pet medical doula. This involves being a liaison between the owner, the pet and the veterinarian. It is helping the owner understand the medical vocabulary and how the procedure or treatment will affect their animal, looking at how the animal is feeling, giving the animal a voice and letting the animal know what he/she is facing, explaining the process and giving them the opportunity to have a voice so they can contribute to their own treatment plan. This helps both the owner and the pet, but this goes without saying.
When I work with people I work as a spiritual consultant. They may come to me because they are experiencing a loss or a dilemma in life, or they are frustrated in a particular professional position for example, and are staying stuck. We look at life lessons and what it is they can learn from their experience. When someone crosses over, I can help their loved one find a connection with this person that has crossed over, and there are certain times where I can help the person (soul) who has crossed over to find their way.

What has been the most rewarding part of your work over the years?

I think it changes from day to day as I have the privilege, pleasure and joy of helping people and animals. If I think back over all the years and all the things I have done over the different careers, the most rewarding is definitely being there at end of life, to assist the owner or a person when going through grief, and to assist a pet to feel all of the love that the owner brings for them, and to help the owners feel the love in return from their pets. It has real meaning and can alter lives. Letting go of the physical body and knowing that the soul that animates that body will go forth is sometimes one of the hardest things pet parents have to face.

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