What’s Going On With the Discord?

Hey all – Just wanted to write a quick post about what the situation is with the Magick.Me Discord(s), because it’s been a bit confusing. Let me just clarify this real quick.

  1. The old (public) Magick.Me Discord has been going for over 5 years now(!), and in my opinion has kind of cycled through the usual lifespan of an online forum. As it has started to wind down and see less activity, which is normal, I’m not actively supporting it. However, I realize that there are still several stalwart members on the forum who get a lot out of it and would be bummed if it disappeared. So I’ve decided to leave it in place. That said, the old Discord is no longer actively moderated—all of the moderators (thank you!!) were very generously donating their own time to keep the conversation going, and they all now have real life duties and responsibilities that are now taking up their time. So, if you’re going to use the old Discord, it’s at your own risk, as it’s no longer supported or moderated. Be good to each other. If you would like to apply to be a new moderator, email support at [email protected]. If you witness anyone breaking the rules in the Discord or causing a problem, also please e-mail. If people cause problems in absence of mods, I’m just going to shut the forum down completely, so please be aware of that and behave accordingly. This is on the honor system!
  2. We have a new Discord that is for paid students only, and not the public, which means that it is of excellent quality and is free of trolls. We also moderate it. This is the Discord that we plan to support going forward. It’s currently open to students of the last two courses we’ve put up (Introduction to Magick and Mastering Meditation). We will likely experiment with opening it to further students in the future. We aim to maintain a very high quality and curated conversation here worthy of being paywalled, free of trolls, spam, and off-topic conversations. Meet us there!

We’ll be rolling out further community features in the months to come. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the conversation so far—you’ve all been phenomally engaged and I’m constantly amazed by your enthusiasm and sincerity. Stay tuned for great things to come, and I’ll see you in class!

– Jason

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