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Cloud Method For Shifting Realities-Here’s How To Do It

There are tons of methods for shifting and the cloud method is one of them. However, it is not an ordinary method.

Many people have claimed that they have shifted into the desired reality quickly and effortlessly using the cloud method.

So, what is the cloud method for shifting realities, and how to do it? It is the best method for shifting? Let’s find out.

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What is the Cloud method for shifting realities?

The cloud method is one of the popular methods for shifting realities. It is also a sleeping method that requires you to visualize your desired reality.

Note: If find visualization difficult, then these non-visualization shifting methods will help you.

It is created by one of the users of the Amino app. Since then, it has held many people to shift into their desired reality and experience it. The cloud method is not very complex. You can do it easily and get the result in the shortest period of time.

Now, let’s move on to how to do the cloud method for shifting realities in the correct way so that you can get the results that you have expected quickly.

How do you do the Cloud method to shift into your desired reality?

Here’s how you do the cloud method for shifting in your DR:

Step #1 Decide where you want to shift to and why

To begin shifting into your desired reality using the cloud method, you must first decide where to shift to. You should have a clear vision of your ideal reality and why you want it.

Make sure you finish this step before moving on to the next because having a clear goal is critical for successful shifting.

Writing a script for a shifting can help you clarify your goal. Write about your desired reality, your role in it, and the activities you plan to do there. Write as much as you can about your desired reality experience.

Read also: How to write script for shifting realities? ( Template Included)

Step #2 Get into a meditative state

Once you are clear about your desired reality and reason for shifting there, you are ready to use the cloud method for shifting.

Get yourself into a room and lock it so that no one will be disturbing you. Lie comfortably on the bed in a starfish position.

Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Do this for a few minutes and you will feel relaxed and thoughtless mind. You can listen to subliminal or any music that makes your mind and body get into a meditative state.

Step #3 Visualize floating in the Cloud

Close your eyes and feel your body parts. Feel your legs, thigh, abdomen, chest, and head. Feel your whole body. Do this and you will feel weightlessness.

Then, imagine all the energy from your body coming towards the chest region. Then visualize you’re out of your body and floating towards the sky. At this time, you will feel disconnected from your body.

Now, you are above a cloud and sleeping on it.

Step #4 Say shifting affirmations

Next, imagine yourself drifting downwards where your desired reality exists. As imagine yourself falling towards your DR, start saying affirmations: I am shifting. I am going to shift. I have shifted into my DR.

Slowly you are entering your desired reality room. Eventually, enter into the body yours lying on the bed in your desired reality.

Step #5 Enjoy your DR

Once you enter into your body that is present in your desired reality, go to sleep.

And, when you wake up, you will be in your desired reality to experience it.

Note: Before you enter into your DR, you might feel some shifting symptoms. If you’ve any of them, remember, you’re close to shifting.

Is the cloud method best for shifting?

The cloud method has helped many people to experience their desired reality. They have used it successfully to shift into their DR.

However, different methods of shifting work differently for different people. You may find some shifting methods working best for you, while other methods won’t get you any result.

The cloud method for shifting realities could be the best method for you.  However, if it does not work in your case, then don’t don’t get discouraged and keep trying other method to shift into the desired reality


With the cloud method, you can shift yourself into your desired reality. It is possible to do so. 

And don’t worry about your clone, it won’t get hurt in your current reality while you’re falling from the sky. So, try this method to shift your desired reality to experience the life you always want to.

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