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Insights with Janie Chandler from Energy Medicine Now

Janie Chandler is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and a founding faculty member of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program. She came into the field of energy medicine with a background in therapeutic massage, making her quality of touch refined. Her breadth of personal and professional knowledge of the work, combined with an articulate, fun and authentic teaching style, makes her a powerful teacher and a transformational practitioner.  In this interview, Janie shares insights in the practice of energy healing with key advice for mindfulness and serenity.

Please tell us a bit about your background and what inspired you to continue this path professionally?

I began my career as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist in 1987, so I’ve been working in a hands-on capacity for 35 years. In 1999 I began studying the Eden Method with Donna Eden and became an Advanced Eden Method Practitioner and subsequently one of her senior faculty members. It’s always a thrill for me when I witness the empowerment and transformation which happens for people when they discover their energy selves. Helping people to navigate embodiment in these epic times we’re living in is meaningful work and an honor.

What are the main services that you offer?

I am an advanced practitioner, instructor, and guide in the art, science, and spirit of energy medicine. I have a private practice (both online and in-office) and I teach both novices and professionals. I work with (and teach about) the subtle human energy systems that are the blueprint for our physical bodies. Our physical, mental, and emotional health and vitality are strongly impacted by the balance and flow of our subtle energy systems. I help people understand themselves as energy beings and provide them with practical skills to engage and balance their energies resulting in more clarity, vitality, and joy. I work with both laypeople who want a better understanding and more control over their health, and practitioners who use energy medicine professionally.

What are some of the more common aspects people approach you with and how can energy healing be beneficial?

People come to me with all kinds of circumstances that are inhibiting their health; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I do not diagnose or treat illness, but through the use of educated listening and energy testing (commonly known as muscle testing) I can assess what energy systems are bogged down and not functioning properly. When
our subtle energy isn’t flowing or in balanced relationship with other energies, the result is sluggishness, fogginess, exhaustion, pain, depression, and myriad other symptoms. Getting those energies balanced often results in symptoms decreasing or disappearing, and the person begins to experience more clarity, vitality and joy.

In consistently helping and healing others, how do you conserve and protect your own energy?

I practice (and teach) what I call the “yoga of a master practitioner”. This ‘yoga’ is how we consciously make our bodies available as a conduit of the Life Force Impulse for the purpose of healing. (I am intending a broader use of the word yoga meaning the lifestyle of a person beyond the physical practice of yoga.) Practicing this yoga allows energy to move freely in our bodies and be skillfully directed, rather than needing to strive, push, or force anything. Prepare the ground ahead of time; make the conditions favorable for the flow of prana to move through your body, for your mere presence to be a healing force.

The primary practice of the yogic practitioner is to do your own work with consistency and dedication (Personal Practice). Meditation, exercise, nutrition, sleep, wellness-care, and play are crucial for keeping your body and mind clear and tuned to your highest frequency possible. You must have first hand experience of the frequency of wellness in order to be able to help others authentically and without hypocrisy. (Not to say that you won’t have experiences of illness or disease, but you must be practiced in taking responsibility and managing those experiences.) There is nothing more valuable to a master practitioner than their own consistent, dedicated, personal practice – whatever that practice may be.

Do you have any advice to share for someone to learn how to be more mindful and serene in their everyday life?

I find that it takes consistency and dedication in practicing what I call ‘compassionate self-responsibility’. I think that how mindful and serene we are in a day starts the night before. I end my day lying in bed, expressing gratitude for all the things (people, places, experiences) that I’ve interacted with and I turn out the light at a time when I’m most likely to get 8 hours of sleep. I start my morning with the practice of spiritual reading, contemplation, and meditation.

Even after all these years of spiritual study I find that being inspired by others is crucial for keeping my consciousness fresh and my heart uplifted. I make a point of blessing my body with awareness and attention for at least 20 minutes at some point in the day. For me that can be taking a walk, doing an energy medicine routine, doing yoga, stretching.

Having a relationship with my breath and breathing is also key. Using breath intentionally has been game-changing for me.

Being serene and mindful doesn’t come without making the choice to place your attention on it.

Where can we learn more about you or get in touch?

You can visit my website at or scan the QR Code to access all my resources.

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