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ADHD Shifting Method: Best Method For People With ADHD ( A Helpful Guide)

For successful shifting, you need to focus on your desired reality and visualize it without being distracted.

However, it is difficult to focus on a single thought for a person and it becomes even more difficult for a person with ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).

If you are someone who finds it difficult to focus or concentrate, don’t worry. The ADHD shifting method can be immensely helpful to you.

In this article, we’ll talk about the ADHD shifting method, the best method for people having difficulty staying focused.

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What is the ADHD Shifting method?

The ADHD shifting method is one of the popular shifting methods for people who find it difficult in focusing on a single thought.

It uses 8D music, which creates an immersive sound experience and helps listeners focus. It also improves anxiety, improves mood, and raises one’s vibration.

When you listen to 8D music, you’ll hear the recording shift from one ear to another as if the speaker is moving in front of you like a pendulum. And, this is how 8D music makes you focus.

The 8d music is similar to binaural beats in lots of ways, but in the ADHD shifting method, you have to use 8D music only.

Research has shown that 8D music or surround sound help people with ADHD and neurodivergent condition to focus on a single thing at one time. It improves concentration, attention, and memory as it stimulates different parts of the brain.

How to do ADHD shifting method?

Here is how you should do the ADHD shifting method for a better result:

#1 Set your desired reality

First, you need to make sure you have a clear picture of your desired reality and the reason for shifting there.

This is a very important part of shifting. If you don’t know where to shift, you will never shift there, no matter which shifting method you use.

#2 Find a place where you won’t be distracted

Lock yourself into a room. Switch off every electronic device that can distract you while shifting. Put your mobile phone on airplane mode to avoid calls from someone during that period of shifting.

Another, finish your homework or work before trying to shift. As unfinished work constantly appears in your thought process which will be distracting.

#3 Find your favorite 8D music

You can find much 8D music available on YouTube for free. Listen to 8D music without any lyrics on it as sometimes lyrics can trigger different thoughts and make you drift from your desired reality.

#4 Lay down in a comfortable position and start listening to 8D music

Lay down in a comfortable position for shifting on a bed. And, put on your headphone, close your eyes, and listen to 8D music. Put it in the loop so that you don’t have to play it over and over.

#5 Start counting from 0 to 100 and recite affirmations in between

After listening to music for a few minutes, start counting from 0 to 100 and recite shifting affirmations like ” I am shifting. I can shift. I have already shifted to my DR.” whenever you reach the numbers 10, 20, 30, and so on.

Another tip is to breathe in the rhythm of music and count the number every time you breathe.

#6 Visualize your DR and open your eye when you feel shifting symptoms

After you count up to 100, start visualizing your desired reality. Make your visualization as real as possible.

When you’re immersed in visualization fully, you’ll start to feel shifting symptoms like tingling sensations or a sense of disconnectedness from the body.

Then, open your eye and you’ll be in your desired reality.


The ADHD shifting method or 8D method for shifting is very helpful for people with ADHD who are trying to shift but are unable to focus on desired reality for a longer period of time.

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