Law of Attraction

It’s Dealer’s Choice

When it comes to interpreting what’s happening in life, it’s worth recognizing we’ve got more wiggle room in coming to those conclusions than we’ve likely been giving ourselves.

It isn’t ever one thing. It can be anything. It’s dealer’s choice.

Abraham has said every moment contains every thing, and it’s just a matter of what we choose to pull out of it.

So it can be a successful thriving business, or it can be a failed effort. The exact same business on the exact same day could be either one – whichever we choose!

Is it a happy authentic rewarding relationship or is it a wrong turn on the way to true love? You get to decide.

Is it a thriving healthy body or is it a physical entity in decline? Again, it’s dealer’s choice!

We’re each making this up. It will be whatever you say it is. What do you choose?

I met up with an old friend/flame recently, and there are all sorts of ways I can tell our story … that it was wrong timing, not meant to be, close but not quite, heartbreaking that this one got away – or that this is how our true love unfolded. This is what true love looks like. Either version is equally true!

Was it a happy and successful gig I had with that foster dog that only lived for another year? That’s a good time for me to remember it’s dealer’s choice. It is what I say it is.

Was it a good job, or was it a waste of time and talent? Was it a smart move, or an ill-fated c choice? Are we ruining the planet, or making progress? Is this person taking advantage, or is this a genuine friendship? It’s your call. We get to color it any way we want.

Remember: when it comes to interpreting or deciding or concluding what’s what, it’s dealer’s choice. That means the dealer’s making it up. And you’re the dealer!

If you don’t like the hand you’ve been dealt, you’re not just stuck on the receiving end of what comes your way. You’re the dealer. It’s your call. You can make a different call.

And when you’re willing to do that, you can deal yourself some really nice hands.

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