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Our Loved Ones Never Die – Jennifer Ankele

Written by Sarah Kirton
| Updated On
August 31, 2022

Jennifer Ankele – AKA Jennifer The Grief Medium – shares some of her experiences and views on spiritualism with MysticMag. Jennifer is a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Psychic.

Why do you think that some people are the “chosen ones” when it comes to Spirits and the ability to hear and see them from the earliest age?

I think that some people are born with the ability to see Spirit because it is part of their soul’s plan. Everyone’s soul comes to the earthly plane to learn and experience particular things that will help their soul to grow. Some people can sing beautifully, are very good in math, others can play sports so well that they can play professionally, etc. Everybody is born with various unique abilities and gifts to help us on our unique soul’s journey.

I also believe that once you are on the earthly plane you can choose to embrace your abilities or choose to turn them down. We still have personal choice to use them or not. Some people’s ability to see Spirit ignites as adults after a physical or emotional trauma and others have been seeing Spirit as children. My earliest memories of seeing Spirit started as a child at the age of 2 or 3. It was very scary to me until I was a teenager and began to embrace this ability.

Do you feel that working as a palliative care giver, with the added capacity to communicate with the “beyond” facilitates the transition from one world to the other?

I worked in the ICU, palliative care, and hospice and have witnessed many people as they crossed over. I have also worked with many people who were going to pass soon. I think the fact that I am a medium helped me to feel comfortable with people as they were crossing over. Since I felt comfortable as people were passing, I believe that on an energetic level the client who is passing and their family and friends around them can feel more relaxed and less fearful of transitioning. Energy is something that can be felt by all people whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

What does the word grief represent to you?

I have been working as a grief therapist for 18 years now and I believe that there are a lot of incorrect ideas about grief. Grief is an emotion that is felt by all humans. It is a normal emotional response to experiencing a loss. There is no correct way to grieve. Everyone grieves uniquely to each of their losses. Grief entails feeling various emotions. There are no stages to grief nor are there any timelines. Your grief will change as you change.

What is your main focus when working with your clients?

My main focus when working with my clients regardless of what modality of helping/healing I am using is always the same. Whether I am providing therapy, giving a mediumship reading, psychic/intuitive reading, past life regression hypnosis. or dream interpretation; my goal it to guide people to their own healing so that they may become more connected to their own soul/Spirit. The more a person is connected to their own soul/Spirit the more they are following their own soul’s plan which will lead to feeling joy and peace.

When you do a reading for your clients, are you simply a conduit or do you make use of intuition, psychology or other means?

In a mediumship reading, I am only channeling whatever Spirit wants me to share. It’s purely mediumship from Spirit. However, I offer other kinds of readings besides mediumship readings such as psychic/soul/angel readings or something I call the hybrid which is a combination of mediumship and psychic readings. These readings I use various modalities depending on what the client needs in their healing process. I do let the client know when the information is coming from my own intuition or from a guide or angel versus a Spirit.

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