Law of Attraction

Celebrating Purposeful Contrast

It might have looked sadistic or mean-spirited to anyone else when a group of dog lovers giggled and cheered every time another of our dogs yelped in surprise as they investigated a live rattlesnake in a glass cage.

But we were the opposite of sadistic or mean-spirited. We were at Rattlesnake Avoidance Training with our dogs because we loved them dearly and wanted them to survive hikes on trails where rattlers live.

We celebrated their yelps and shocked reactions because we knew that meant the training was working. This reaction could literally save their lives if they run across a rattler on a local hike.

It made me wonder if that’s the same reaction my divine team has when I run into big contrast. When I yelp in surprise or cry all night or despair that the worst has happened … are they giggling, too? Are they high-fiving each other the same way we dog owners were because we knew this was what it looks like when it’s working?

After all, that’s the purpose of contrast in our lives, too. Experiencing what we don’t want is a powerful catalyst for dreams come true. (Contrast inspires desire and that’s how life expands to even better.) So why wouldn’t they be delighted when I step in the proverbial doodoo of life?

Abraham has said that sometimes our Inner Being steers us into contrast on purpose, because of the benefit it knows we get from experiencing what we don’t want.

Just like those pups getting a little shock from an ecollar when they went nose to nose with a rattler.

I’ve had so many personal experiences of this that I don’t doubt its truth for a single second. (The home purchase, the career changes, the romantic “failures.”) Contrast brought me “even better” than what I knew to believe in or expect beforehand.

That’s why I think we were laughing at our dogs’ reactions to getting buzzed at meeting snakes, because we knew – from our higher perspective than they had – we knew that this was ultimately good for them. No, it wasn’t pleasant, but it’s okay and it’s going to be so worth it.

Keep that in mind the next time you’re complaining about something gone wrong, too. Maybe your divine team is up there giggling at how cute you are when you think an awful thing just happened, because they know things just got even better for you.

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