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Manifesting Money Windfalls

After having so much success calling in rain, I thought it might be fun for us to manifest some money windfalls together. If you’re game, here’s how I did it …

Remember that all we have to do to create what we want is find the vibration of it. What does it feel like to have a financial windfall? That’s all we’re looking for here.

I began by imagining and remembering what it feels like to get surprise money out of the blue. The woo hoo and the big smile of it! The feeling of expansion and ease. The “extra” that makes you feel like life likes you today.

Then I contemplated what that would look like. Would I count a quarter on the sidewalk? No, I’m talking about much more than that, Universe. More like a five figure windfall! Although I’d still be delighted with four figures. And getting it one fell swoop would be nice, but as long as it’s extra, and unexpected, and in the neighborhood of four figures, I’ll count it.

(That process of thinking about what it looks like is an alignment process in itself!)

So first I decided I was manifesting a financial windfall, then I practiced what it felt like, and got clear about what success looked like.

Then I recalled when I’ve experienced windfalls before. Just reveled in those past experiences to really feel it home.

Then I activated the vibration even more when I posted about it in the Good Vibe U forums and sent out an email to GVU members on this subject.

I also joined in the 7 Day Money Manifesting activities, too. (Each day is a different money alignment process.)

And after I’d posted there a couple days in a row, I found myself starting to wonder where it was.  I know that instruction blocks money instead of ushers it in, so I shook it off and reminded myself that it can’t come when I’m wondering where it is. My job is to practice having it first, then it comes.

So I went back to enjoying it like it already happened – like I was giving thanks for it after it already happened. (My favorite way to get back in it was to name my favorite things about having received this money windfall, including delighting in my manifesting skills, having this kind of fun with Universe, having the extra money, thinking about what I would do with it. That helped bring the vibration home.)

And I didn’t sweat it. I didn’t think how hard it might be for Universe to arrange for it. I didn’t wonder if I should be doing something to make it happen. My job is to practice having it and then stay out of the way! Do whatever’s inspired, but don’t try to make it happen.

I engaged vibration-soothing talk by reminding myself I didn’t need this, it was just for fun.

And then I let it go again. Remembering how well those rain clouds collect when I’m not out there looking for them.

In the morning when I practice my Magic Question (it’s the first part of my 3×3 Manifesting method: what does it feel like to have what I want), I included how much I’m enjoying that financial windfall that happened.

So I’m touching it most days for just a minute or two. Not much more than that, and not every day. Not getting obsessive about it. Relaxing and redirecting when I notice I’m thinking or feeling in contrary ways to this extra surprise money.

Did that for just over a week.

On about day 9 or 10 after officially starting this financial windfall vibration activation, I got an email that led to a multi-four figure windfall that day. (Someone wrote trying to find an old product she thought I had for sale, that I didn’t have any more. As I talked with her about what else might help her, I realized I did still have it. I tracked down the digital product and delivered it for a multi-four figure windfall. woot!

So it came from work I’d done before and totally forgotten about. I wasn’t out promoting it, I wasn’t trying to figure out how to get someone to want it, I wasn’t offering a buy one get one free deal. Universe sent her.

I also know, just like with the rain, this is just the beginning of more money windfall manifestations. It’ll keep “raining” as long as I keep this vibration going. (Which is happening just by writing about it here!)

This post serves two purposes: one is to provide another example (like the rain) of what a manifesting process can look like, and the other is to activate a vibration you might like to have some fun with, too. Happy money manifesting to you, too!

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