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Falling Method For Shifting Realities- Here’s How To Do It

The ability to transfer your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality is shifting.

It is possible to shift into whatever desired reality you are willing to go. There are many methods for shifting and one of the popular methods is the falling method for shifting realities.

People have successfully shifted to their desired reality using the falling method.

So, what is the falling method for shifting realities, and how to do it? Also, how fast can you get the result with this method? Let’s find out.

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The falling method for shifting realities is one of the popular methods for shifting. It is created by Isla, the user of the Amino App.

In the falling method, basically, you are required to visualize yourself falling from a great height into your desired reality.

If you’re good at visualization, then this is the perfect method for you. However, some people find visualization difficult. If you’re one of them, then these shifting methods without visualization will be very helpful for you.

Also, it works best when you are sleepy and tired. Because you can easily shift into your desired reality without any internal resistance when you are least active mentally.

How do you do the falling method to shift into your desired reality?

Here’s how you do the falling method for shifting in your DR:

Step #1: Decide where you want to shift to and why

Before you use any method for shifting you have to be clear about your desired reality first.

It is very important to know exactly where you want to shift and why you want to do so.

Why it is important for you to go into that reality? Does it make you happy or do you want to shift there because you like that reality more than your current reality? Whatever your reasons are find that and have a clear picture of your desired reality.

To make this task easy, scripting can be very helpful. Scripting for shifting will help you to make your mind clear about your desired reality, your activities in that reality, and your role.

The point is the more clear you are about the place you want to shift to, the easier it becomes to shift there.

So, your first step is to have a clear picture of your desired reality and a compelling reason to do so.

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Step #2: Get rid of negative thoughts and get into a meditative state

When you are clear about the desired reality that you want to shift into, you are ready to use the falling method for shifting.

Clear your mind from all the negative thoughts and beliefs about shifting.

Even if you are trying to shift, inside you may have disbelief that shifting is not possible and you cannot shift. This belief system will not help you to shift, so it is better to get rid of them.

Believe that you are capable of shifting and you can shift if you really intended to do so.

Shifting affirmations can help you to create a positive mindset and support belief system about shifting.

Recommended read: Powerful shifting affirmationsto change your mindset about shifting.

Find a comfortable position to sit or lie in. Concentrate on your breathing. Spend a few minutes meditating. Get into a meditative state or sleepy state.

You can listen to subliminal music or any other music that will help you raise your vibration.

Step #3:  Visualization

When you are in a meditative state, visualize yourself in a large hall.

There is nothing but a big door in front of you. You can not hear anything there.

You start walking towards the door and when you open the door you will see immense darkness in front of you. Far on the horizon, you can see a few stars twinkling.

Down below, there is your desired reality.

Now, set the intention that you’re going to shift into your desired reality and jump. You start to fall towards your desired reality. Feel that you are falling freely. Don’t worry, you won’t get hurt.

And, imagine, you enter into a room that is in your desired reality and enter inside the body of yours in your desired reality lying in that bed. Go to sleep immediately.

When you wake up, you’ll be in your desired reality.


To sum up, you can shift yourself into your desired reality using the falling method. It is possible.

Use this method to achieve your desired reality. Shifting by using the falling method is completely safe. You won’t get hurt when falling towards the desired reality.

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