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DMT Music to Unlock SUPERPOWERS 🪬 369 Hz Frequency for Manifestation Meditation Lovemotives Music

DMT Music to Unlock Spiritual Powers, 369 Hz Frequency Tesla for Manifestation Meditation as a Key to unlock the secrets of the Universe and in your life, This Lovemotives Music is made of frequency formula that will enable you to enter a deeper state of Delta Theta Waves Manifestation while remaining Conscious with 40hz gamma, 20hz frequency for pineal gland stimulation. When you’re in delta consciously, you enter a divine state of realisation creation and manifestation.

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💫 About This Music
☯ 369 Hz Key To The Universe, Nikola Tesla Frequency
☯ 432 Hz Change, Natural state of Consciousness, Tuning
☯ 40 Hz Brain’s Operating System, Gamma Awareness
☯ 20 Hz Pineal Gland Stimulation, Beta Power
☯︎ 4 Hz Spiritual Powers, DMT Release, Ultra Delta Power

💫 How To Use It
Enter the Present Moment of Now,
By observing your natural breathing flow,
Be The NOW

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