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Human Design and Saturn’s influence

Do you know how the planets in your Human Design chart affect your life? Or how their energy and lessons are more potent when they “return” at certain times? 
Different planets re-align to the same position as when you were born at certain times in your life. They bring about different energies or lessons for you, and you have clues about what’s going on in your chart!

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Saturn is like a barbed wire fence, keeping you in alignment. When you veer off the path, it pokes you back into alignment.

Saturn is where you keep tripping and stumbling, where you need to push and grow to become the full expression of who you are. It’s like poking yourself with barbed wire. Investigating the shadow side of this energy is essential to ensure you are not keeping yourself stuck from moving past the challenge into expansion.

Knowing about your Saturn energy is essential because its purpose is to challenge us. It shakes you up to the core of who you are. It will only get stronger if you ignore subtle cues until it jolts you back into alignment.

It will begin to feel particularly strong around age 28 (your Saturn return), and a significant shift may happen. Even so, if you haven’t mastered the energy, it will continue to show up throughout your life as a challenge. It will come to another return around age 58 and try again. It’s a potent energy that teaches us and realigns us.

We can be less shocked when we learn more about our specific challenging growth energy.

I didn’t learn about my Saturn energy until well past age 28! I had to learn some hard lessons longer than needed. It kept nudging me until I was back on the path.

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In my Human Design Chart, my Saturn is a double Gate 29 and that gate is all about committing to the right things. If I commit to the wrong things, it shows up in my body. So, I will have burnout, stress, sickness, etc., if I do too many things that I don’t want to “commit” to.

Committing to the wrong things happened consistently in my work, and it happened in my personal life too. The theme came back to me when I had kids because, as a new parent, you get a lot of advice (welcomed or not). 😊

So, every time I listened to something my gut told me wasn’t what I needed, pain showed up. Every time I listened to stories in my head about what it means to be a good Mom and what I needed to commit to (like what and when to feed my kids, how many activities to be involved in, what they needed to learn and when, etc.).

Honestly, I probably didn’t truly understand my Gate 29 until deep into the pandemic in the last few years. When I finally could sense more what I had energy for or not and the world around me also accepted that we don’t have to do everything we think we should do.

So, if you are 30+ years old and you think the Saturn Return is in your rearview mirror, you may want to take a peek and see if you have truly learned the lessons. If you feel like you are completely in alignment, it might still be interesting to check out your Saturn energy. If you are younger than 28 or about 28, you can find out what lessons/energies may be headed your way or at your doorstep right now. 

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Here’s where to find it in your chart. The example shows my two Gate 29s. Ignore the second number (like the 4 and the 6), those are profile numbers and will be a topic for another day. 

You may have two different gates or the same. If you have two gates (they are the numbers next to the symbol), it’s two energies that you must find a synergy to. They need to live in harmony for you to engage with the lesson entirely.

For example, if you have Gate 29 and Gate 5 as well, it would mean you need to commit (say yes, or spend your time on) to the right things – Gate 29. Plus with Gate 5 you may need to tune into natural rhythms or your rituals. You would have to make sure both are looked at. Maybe the harmony of the two gates would be that the rhythms/rituals of Gate 5 would give you the container to make grounded decisions of what to commit your time to in the Gate 29. My point is that they need to work together or you will still feel the poke of the barbed wire.

After you locate what gate numbers are in your Human Design chart, scroll down on this linked page and you can learn more about that specific gate’s energy.

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