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How To Shift To Hogwarts? (Complete No-Nonsense Guide)

How to shift to Hogwarts? Below, you’ll find the answers.

If you’ve watched Hogwarts, you’ve probably wished to visit its world, interact with its characters, and battle Voldemort and his associate wizard.

You might have a crush on one of the Hogwarts characters, Darco Malfoy is my favorite, and want to go there for them.

Though Hogwarts is a fictional world with fictional characters, you can experience it as a reality by shifting yourself there.

In this article, you’ll discover the complete no-nonsense guide to shifting to the world of Hogwarts. 

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What is shifting Reality?

Shifting is simply the process of shifting your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality.

That is, you can experience any world or reality, including your desired one.

Though it may seem too good to be true, you can shift yourself to any reality you desire and experience it in the same way you are experiencing this one, although you will not be physically present in your desired reality, your consciousness will.

Everything takes place in your mind. You will be experiencing the desired world in your mind as if it were the real world.

Is it possible to shift to Hogwarts?

You can shift yourself to any desired reality. It is possible to shift into Hogwarts if you really intended to do so.

If you want to go to Hogwarts and meet Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron,  Darco Malfoy, Professor Albus Dumbledore, and Ron Weasley, you can do that with shifting.

You can have power as Harry Potter does. You can be in a relationship with Harry Potter or any you’ve crush on.

While shifting reality, you are creating your own reality as you wish. You create your reality. You can be anyone and do anything in your desired reality.

You will experience whatever you tell your mind to do.

Remember, it will all happens only in your mind. You won’t be physically present in Hogwarts.  It is not possible. You will experience the world in your mind as if it is a reality.

Also, you won’t get hurt in your current reality if anything bad happens to you in your desired reality. So, it is completely safe to shift and experience the world you’re dreaming about.

Now, let’s move on to the most important question: How to shift to Hogwarts?

How to shift to Hogwarts?

Here is the step-by-step guide to shift yourself to Hogwarts:

Step #1: Find why you want to shift to Hogwarts

To shift to Hogwarts, the first thing you have to do is find why you want to shift there. Find why it is important for you to shift to Hogwarts. 

Do you want to go to Hogwarts so that you can fight Lord Voldemort? Do you want power like Harry Potter? Or, do you want to make a relationship with Tom Riddle, Darco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, or anyone on whom you’ve crush?  Or, do you just want to experience the world of Harry Potter and its character?

Find your reason for shifting to Hogwarts. It is important to have a compelling reason before you try shifting.

You see, your reason for shifting will motivate you and inspire you to keep taking action until you become successful at shifting. So, find the compelling reason for shifting first.

Step #2:  Believe you can shift to Hogwarts

Another hurdle that you should get rid of is your disbelief and negative thinking to shift successfully into the world of Hogwarts.

You, simply, cannot shift until you believe that it is possible to shift into whatever desired reality you intended to and you have got the capability to shift.

A positive mindset and supporting belief system about shifting won’t come naturally to you.  You have to develop it and you can do that by saying shifting affirmations repeatedly.

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Step #3: Hogwarts Shifting script

You have figured out your compelling reasons for shifting to Hogwarts and you have also developed a positive mindset and belief system for shifting.

Now, it is time to write the shifting script to successfully shift into your desired reality.

Simply put, scripting is your story in the desired reality. It is the description of the reality you want to shift to, your role in it, and all the things you want to experience.

Write the script for your visit to Hogwarts. Write about your physical features, roles, power, skill, and relationship with other characters in the film. Write about the events you want to experience in Hogwarts.

Take all the time you want. Write your script as clearly and as detailed as you can.

That’s because shifting is all about scripting. The more detailed you write about your desired reality, the easier it becomes to shift and experience it.

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Step #4: Use Shifting Method

You can shift into your desired reality without using any shifting method

However, the shifting method helps you to experience your desired reality easily and quickly. There are tons of shifting methods.

For example, the Raven method, Piano method, Blanket method, and  Alice in the Wonderland method are some popular methods.

There are also methods for shifting when you’re awake. You can also find the sleeping shifting method or method without requiring you to visualize your desired reality if you find the visualization difficult.

Also, you can create your own method for shifting.

But, here is the best way to shift to Hogwarts:

  • Lie or sit in a comfortable position. Take a few deep and slow breaths. Basically, calm down your mind and relax your body.
  • Now, close your eyes and visualize a tunnel in your room. From another side of the tunnel, hear your favorite character of Harry Potter calling you out.
  • You go near the tunnel. Now, you hear them calling you more clearly. They are asking for your help. They are inviting you to come to their world.
  • Then, jump into the tunnel and say, ” I am Shifting. I am Shifting. I am Shifting.” while you’re tunnel.
  • When you come near the end of the tunnel, imagine seeing bright light which fades quickly. Then, you land in Hogwarts.
  • Next, assume that you’re really in Hogwarts with your favorite character, and start to visualize as you’ve scripted.
  • Do this for a few minutes, and then go to sleep. When the timing is right, you’ll be in Hogwarts.

Step #5: Have fun in the world of Hogwarts

When you shift yourself into the world of Hogwarts, do whatever you intended to do.

Enjoy your time there with your favorite character doing all the activities you’ve scripted.

Don’t fear that anything bad will happen to you or, you’ll get hurt. You’re completely safe in your desired reality. Remember, even if you get hurt in the desired reality, nothing will happen to you in your current reality.

When you have fulfilled your all desire in Hogwarts, use your safe words, words that remind you returning to current reality, to return to current reality.


To conclude, it is possible to shift into Hogwarts.

You can enjoy being in Hogwarts fighting with Lord Voldemort, having the power of Harry Potter, and being in a relationship with anyone you have a crush on.

But, to do that, you have to have a positive mindset and belief system which can be developed by reciting shifting affirmations daily.

Use any shifting method to shift into Hogwarts and get in back to your current reality using the safe word.

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