3 Secrets to Name Compatibility Test for Business Partnership

Learn to calculate Name Compatibility Test for in Partnership

Name Compatibility Test : Think about how you feel about your name. Does it match and sync with your personality? Do you want to discover more about how your partner feels about you by learning more about their name through numerology? 

Let’s dive into the simplest and easiest way of doing Name Numerology for partnership compatibility.

First, write down the full spelling of your legal first name and last name.

Next, write down the numeric value(digit/number) of each alphabet of the name according to numerology.

Reduce that number to a single digit by adding the digits of the total number.

Then, repeat the process with your partner’s name, adding that number together.

What is Name Compatibility Test for partnership:

Compare the numbers you come up with, to see if they are compatible.

If they add up to be a 1, 2, 4 or 7, you are probably very well-matched. 

Numbers 3 and 5 might also be good.

6 is a neutral number and can go either way.

8 may not be ideal but it can work if both the parterners are willing to compromise.

9 is considered an odd number in terms of energy so it could cause friction.

Please note – If the name numerology  comes out to be 11 or 22, which are master numbers then they are not reduced further.

Pythagoras System Vs Chaldean System in Name Compatibility Test :

Above is the general reading in name numerology based on Pythagoras System, but as per the Chaldean’s System of Numerology, the compatibility reading is quite different. 

Every single alphabet in Chaldean System is converted into numbers, but few people get confused as to which system to prefer for name numerology. In my clinical practice, I opt for Chaldean instead of Pythagoras System.

Both the systems are highly affective in Numerology but they have their own limitations. 

The difference comes only in numbers , I mean to say in the Chaldean system,the numbers assigned to letter A, I , J, Q and Y are 1, whereas in the Pythagoras system, the number assigned for A, J and S is one ( numeral 1).

You can find numbers’ vibrations in name compatibility test in both the charts of Chaldean and Pythagoras.

Even the famous palmist and numerologist Mr.Cheiro used Chaldean System (for name compatibility test) in this clinical practice of numerology and always preferred the chaldean system of numerology. Check the Charts.

How to Find Name Compatibility Test in Numerology by Chaldean System?

The Chaldean Numerology is also as simple as Pythagoras. To find the name numerology of any person ( for compatibility ) one should convert his/her name alphabets into numbers.

For example – Let’s discuss the name, INDIRA GANDHI.

I – 1

N – 5

D – 4

I – 1

R – 2

A – 1

G – 3

A – 1

N – 5

D – 4

H – 5

I – 1

By adding all the digits, we will get final number as 33. This number vibration in ancient numerology ( in the Indian system ) is known as Naamank ( The Science of Name – ‘Naam’ mean ‘Name’ and ‘Ank’ mean ‘Numbers’ hence the combination of Name with Number gives us Naamank ).

For example, to find the Naamank by Date of Birth, let’s say Mr.Nitin who has a date of birth as 16th January 1980 ( 16-01-1980 ). 

Here we will add the sum of all digits present in date of birth which is known as Destiny Number in Numerology.

Hence, 1+6+1+1+9+8+0 = 26 which comes to 8 (when 26 is further reduced to single digit).

Now from Chaldean Chart, if we look, Number 8 has no Best Friend, but Friend as Number 3 which is Jupiter, whereas 1 and 4 are said to be Worst Enemy ( there is no enemy as mentioned in chart) whereas 2, 7, 9, 5 and 6 is said to be Neutral with Number 8 hence number 8 people ( in nitin case ) has to look for those DOB comes to 3 as friend in marriage or business compatibility. 

If in case Number 8 does not get a friend, s/he can also opt for 2,7,9,6 and 6 as neutral numbers for business or marriage compatibility.

Therefore, even if the person to whom who are going to move in partnership, let’s say, Nitin wants to have partnership with Indira Gandhi and her date of birth is not available then in that case, NItin can use her name for matching the compatibility for business.

In the above case, Indira Gandhi has 6 as her Core Number in Name Numerology whereas Nitin’s  Date of Birth has 8 as his Core Vibration in his Personality.

If we look at the chart, Number 8 is neutral to 4 hence they can opt for Business Partnership. There won’t be much dispute and lots of difference of opinion as the numbers are complimenting on a neutral path.

Which date to consider for Matching for Business and Marriage Name Compatibility Test ?

One should always consider the date of birth for business and marriage compatibility. As mentioned above, for compatibility with your marriage partner or business partner / Co-Founder should consider the date of birth (consider name in case the date of birth is absent, as explained above).

I hope my article on Name Compatibility Test has give you an insight on compatibility matching.

Digital Numerologist,

Nirav Hiingu

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