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Connect with the Stars – Jonathon Clark

Written by Sarah Kirton
| Updated On
August 22, 2022

Jonathon Clark recounts his journey with Astrology and tells MysticMag about his new undertaking – Birth Chart Essentials.

What is your relationship with Astrology and what impact has it had on your life and on those around you?

As a teenager, I always had a passive interest in sun signs but then, in 1987, I met three astrologers in the space of a year and my chart was read three times over the next eighteen months. One of the astrologers told me things that he couldn’t possibly have known by any logical means.

This reading was incredibly influential in my life – I was enthralled. I went on to delve deeply into the world of astrological literature and basically Astrology “took me over!” I started doing charts for people and refer to those first few as my “sacrificial lambs” ;). That was 37 years ago.

I find astrology to be an extremely useful tool for gaining a greater awareness and understanding of the world around us, helping us make a more constructive response to it. Being aware of the bigger picture allows us to take precautions and reconsider when making certain decisions. A (sometimes) lighthearted example would be helping those who belong to the betting fraternity although my predictions never seem to work when I try to place a bet myself which I think might be the universe’s way of keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Astrology is, and has been, a source of constant wonderment at the way the Universe works! Using Astrology as a mechanism to observe the events of the Universe is what I have come to love most about it. It is a wonderful tool for contemplation and the chart drawn for the moment of a particular event such as the assassination of JFK or the release of Nelson Mandela – known as Event Astrology – is something I have come to love and respect greatly even more than predictive astrology.

How is it possible that our physical characteristics can demonstrate information about the planets at the moment of our birth – can you elaborate?

We live in a Universe with four parallel worlds. The physical and psychological worlds (the lower two) interleave with each other so that the Sun, Moon and Ascendant – whilst they describe part of our psyche – also have correspondences with the physical world. This is why it is quite dangerous to play the astrological guessing game of looking at someone and saying ‘you are definitely a Leo’ as a person may show their Moon sign more than their Sun sign or Ascendant or vice versa – even though all of these elements will come through to a greater or lesser degree.

When and for whom would you recommend your new service of Birth Chart Essentials?

Anybody who is new to astrology really. There is so much information to absorb when doing a full reading. It is almost better to do a twenty minute or half an hour introduction to astrology the first time round to get a sense of the wonder and excitement of the subject. Interestingly enough, as in many other fields, 80% of the information comes from 20% of the reading.

Do you believe that we can live happier, more fulfilled lives if we listen to our Natal charts and the information held within?

Speaking from experience, absolutely yes! It has helped me enormously over the years. It clues you in to what is going on. I can see what is happening in the planetary world for the next year, let’s say, and can either make decisions or understand what is happening to myself and the world around me because of this. The reading may alert me to the fact that this year my health won’t be at its best, or whether it is perhaps a good time to launch that project right now, or move house. Astrology allows us to avoid wasting energy and to wait until the right time.

Astrology reveals the never-ending intricate interplay between fate and free will. The chart unfolds as it is supposed to unfold and presents us with opportunities (fate) then we have our free will to exercise and take these opportunities up – or not. Sometimes these opportunities arise three times over a period of weeks or months, and the third time is the right time. It’s certainly possible that this accounts for the expression ‘third time lucky!’

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