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What Is A Clone In Shifting? (Answered!)

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your body when you are shifted to another reality?

Will it lie unconscious in bed forever, or resume your daily life without being in your control? Will parents be worried when you won’t wake up from sleep because you are in another reality?

Let’s find out the answer.

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What is a clone in shifting?

When you shift into your desired reality, you won’t be present there physically. You only shift your consciousness from your current reality to your desired reality.

Meanwhile, your body will remain in your current reality. Now, it is your clone. 

You will have no control over your clone when you are shifted into another dimension.  However, it continues to act like you and live your daily life as you did so that no one knows that you are shifted to another reality.

So, what does clone mean in shifting? Basically, it is your replica while you have shifted to your desired reality. It is just like you and acts similar to you.

What does your clone do when you shift to another reality?

While you are gone to another reality, your clone will continue to act like you.

It will live your daily life as you did. It will do your homework, go to school, do your job or do anything you have scripted for it.

Yes, you can write the script for your clone when you shift to your desired reality so that it continues to act the way you want it.

For example, you can write a script for your clone to learn music, have fun with friends, be safe, don’t hurt yourself, or do most mundane tasks such as doing homework and daily chores.

Your clone will do whatever you suggested it do. It will continue to obey your command.

However, it will not be in your control once you are shifted to another reality. So, make sure to write a script for your clone before your shift.

Can your clone feel whatever you feel in your desired reality?

Your clone won’t feel the feeling or hear or see anything from your desired reality.

To tell you the truth, there is no connection between your clone and you when you are in desired reality. So, whatever you do in your desired reality your clone won’t know it.

Even if you make something mischief in your desired reality,  your clone won’t let it know to anyone in your current reality. That means nobody knows what you did in your desired reality.

Can your clone die when you shift?

Your clone won’t die even if something bad happened to you in your desired reality. It will be completely safe even if you get injured or die in another reality.

Furthermore, your clone will not hurt itself or not get killed while you are gone another reality. It will continue to act as you have scripted for it.

Also, it will save itself from any danger that appears in your absence.  Neither, it will hurt anyone going against your suggestions to it.

So, what happens if your clone dies while shifting?

Answer: It is possible that you get stuck in your desired reality. It is also possible that you’ll shift to another dimension where your other clone is conscious and alive.

Can you remember what your clone does?

When you come back from your desired reality into a current reality you will know exactly what your clone did because whatever the clone did it will be imprinted into your memory and you will get access to it once you are in your current reality.


To sum up, a clone is a replica of yours when you are gone to your desired reality.

It is just like you and continues to act as you did or as you have suggested so that no one knows that you have shifted to another reality.

You should make sure to write a script for your clone before you shift to another reality.

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