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The Eye Method For Shifting- What It Is And How To Do It?

There are tons of methods for shifting and the swirly eye method is one of them. It is an awake method for shifting.

Many people have claimed that they have shifted into the desired reality quickly and effortlessly using the eye method.

So, what is the swirly eye method for shifting realities, and how to do it? It is the best method for shifting? Let’s find out.

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The eye method for shifting realities is one of the popular methods which requires you to use your psychic power and visualize your desired reality.

It is based on the Raven method. And, the best time to do the method is before you go to bed.

It works better when you are feeling sleepy and tired. That’s because when you are least active mentally you can easily shift into your desired reality without any internal resistance.

How do you do the eye method to shift into your desired reality?

Here’s how you do the eye method for shifting in your DR:

Step #1: Decide where you want to shift to and why

You must first decide where you want to shift to in order to begin shifting into your desired reality using the eye method.

You should have a clear idea of what you want and why you want it.

Make sure you complete this step before proceeding to the next because having a clear goal is essential for successful shifting.

Creating a script for a shift can assist you in clarifying your goal.

Write about your ideal reality, your role in it, and the activities you intend to engage in. Write as much as possible about your ideal reality experience.

Step #2: Calm your mind and relax your body

Once you know clearly about your desired reality that you want to shift in, then you’re ready to practice the eye method.

For that, you need to first clear your mind from all the negative thinking and relax your body.

So, sit or lie in a comfortable position. Focus on your breath. Do meditation for a few minutes.

You can listen to subliminal or any music that helps you to raise your vibration.

Step #3:  Count from 0 to 100 and say affirmations in between

Once you are relaxed and calm, start counting from 0 to 100. While you are counting say shifting affirmations.

If you do this correctly you will feel disconnected from your body. Then, close your eyes and start moving your eyeball in a circle.

You might feel a tingling sensation over your forehead while moving your eyes. But, if you feel headache or nausea during the process, stop immediately.

Visualize your desired reality while moving your eyes and believing that you are entering into your desired reality.

Doing this process go to sleep peacefully and when you open your eyes you will be in your desired reality.


With the eye method, you can shift yourself into your desired reality. It is possible to do so. 

Try this method and enjoy your desired reality. Some people experience headaches during the swirling of eyes. In that case, move your eyes slowly. The eye method for shifting is completely safe to do.

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