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Shine Bright – Georgie Healey

Georgie Healey talks Crystals to MysticMag

What can you tell us about your own personal healing journey?

I am definitely still very much on my own Healing journey. As a child I was always interested in ghosts, star signs, crystals and anything mystical really. I read many books and went to quirky shops to find things of interest. My favorite place was a little shop in Guildford at the bottom of the town where they had crystal books and fossils. My first ever purchase was an air plant on a piece of amethyst along with a desert rose – I was fascinated!

As a child I was a very shy and sensitive character. I was easily upset and took on other people’s feelings and problems very easily. I could also read a room very quickly knowing exactly who was kind and also who to potentially avoid. I loved animals and always felt animals were drawn to me. I had a pet deer, a ferret and a cockatiel along with your more usual pets like dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs !

I was a total empath but just didn’t realize it at the time! As I got older I realized that the interest I had was not really spoken about too much, kind of kept in the closet, so you could say until my 30s I was a closet spiritualist ! I started attending spiritual fairs at any opportunity and actually had my first healing treatment at Harry Edwards in Shere. It was then I realized that I could practice what they were practicing on me.

I had been doing it my whole life without realizing what it was! I started healing my friends and family and getting great feedback. I gathered a very large collection of crystals very quickly (any Crystal lover will understand you can never have too many)!

This is how I began my journey. I completed many courses on Crystals, Healing Angels and Reiki to name but a few, but if you want my honesty on the subject I would tell you that Healing comes from within, it’s not about pieces of paper displayed on a wall – it is what comes from your soul.

How would you describe the characteristics or personalities of Crystals?

There are so many different Crystals, each one with different properties. Crystals come in many different forms; polished, raw, carved etc. Different shapes create different ways of spreading their energy, for instance round spheres spread energy very evenly around its space whereas points will actually direct the energy in a specific area (wherever you point the Crystal tip).

Skulls are one of my favorite shaped Crystals, affectionately known as Scullies. They are such chatterboxes full of fun and chit chat. They are also used in meditation for connecting with your ancestors. I just love having them around me.

You will soon learn where your crystals want to be displayed and who they want to be near. Certain Crystals will let you know if they are not happy together, though I wouldn’t say that any specific Crystals really don’t go together, it’s just a matter of feeling their individual energy.

Some crystals will make you happy and comfortable, some will make you feel heavy or heady or even sick. It is usually said that if the crystal gives you a negative reaction it means that you need to work further with them to resolve that initial feeling.

How does one go about choosing a crystal?

Easy Peasy! It is always better if you can handle the crystals before buying them, you can also buy online from trusted sellers using photographs if you can’t get out.

I sell online very successfully by using the photo method where the client chooses which Crystal is right for them by selecting a specific crystal from the photo and marking it for me. They then get sent that exact stone.

When selecting a crystal for yourself or for someone else, the best way is to go with your instincts and usual intuition. Pick them up and feel their energy and you will know exactly which one is right. You may have in your mind to purchase a rose quartz crystal for instance but when you start to look you could be drawn to something completely different, go with it! Whichever Crystal you are drawn to is always the right one for you.

So essentially you don’t choose your crystals, they choose you!

Do you believe Crystals can help prevent major disease and illness?

Crystals are never a replacement for medicines, you should always consult a doctor for a diagnosis. Crystals can, however, help you cope with illness and manage it better. I use Crystals in many different ways to cope with my illness. I wear Crystals, have them around me in the house, and carry them on me (in my bra!) I use crystal elixirs and also incorporate them in my meditations.

I strongly believe they help me with my illness but that is my personal experience. Just over four years ago I was diagnosed with MS. I have used healing on myself to help manage my illness. I meditate regularly and self heal in the evenings before bed.

My last MRI scan did not reveal any further lesions on my brain or spine, this was carried out two years after diagnosis. I’m due for another very soon and am praying that Healing has helped hold off progression again. I choose not to take any medication for my illness at present.

How do you work with your clients and what kind of Healing do you specialize in?

My clients come to me for many different reasons. I specialize in Intuitive Healing which means that every client is treated completely individually and gets exactly what they require at that particular time. When they return it could be different again if their circumstances have changed.

A typical session with me will include a 20 to 30 minute hands-on healing experience, including Crystals chakra balancing and aura combing. As I treat my client I may get messages and signs given to me through spirit which I will then pass on after the Healing session.

Once I have completed the hands-on healing I then chat with my client about my findings and their experiences (this is my favorite part) as I get such varied stories and results, fascinating reports of colors, feelings and even visions and words on occasions.

I then pull an oracle card of their choice with them and do a mini reading. I normally end my treatments with a big hug straight from the heart chakra. My Healing really relaxes you and stays with you for around two weeks. It is fantastic for removing anxiety and worry, and it also helps have a great night’s sleep.

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