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Combining Tarot and Philosophy with Diana Brocken

Diana Brocken grew up in a psychic family that didn’t follow their gifts and her way to find her faith back into spirituality was studying philosophy.  That unique path and learning more about Diana’s motto – “Tarot readings which are deep in philosophical wisdom” – are subjects of our interview for MysticMag‘s blog. Check it out!

You make an interesting parallel between tarot cards and philosophy. Can you please explain to us?

Sure. The short way to “explain” this parallel, is that once the mind starts to think philosophically, it understands that everything in existence is connected – there is no separation. But to give you a better response, I can list some of the qualities tarot & philosophy share:

  • Both studies indirectly work on self realisation/discovery; They share an enigma which brings into question, “what is it”
  • Both provoke transformation.
  • Both inquire about the mysteries of existence and help us find our own purpose.
  • And finally, both connect metaphysics with science. Not necessarily giving fixed answers but offering a sense of peace instead and allowing us to accept that our journey is not just about finding answers but also an understanding that allows us to see things from a different perspective.

What do you think is the main misconception about tarot?

That Tarot is associated with “evil”, or it can offer revelations to events in an individual’s life that cannot be changed. As I always say to my clients, Tarot only reveals what a person’s unconscious mind already “agrees” to have revealed. What is not meant to be known, won’t be shown.

Is it more common that someone reaches you with a clear head and waiting for a signal or with something in mind and waiting for validation or that subject that is bothering them to pop up?

An interesting question, unfortunately, there is no direct answer. Rarely do I see anyone who reaches out for tarot with a clear head. However, in the back of their mind they do “know” the way, it has just not been made clear enough and their thoughts are often fogged by emotions.

There is a lot of psychology that goes into this, and what the images do is provoke the subconscious mind to bring forth those answers – I just interpreted them. When a tarot reading is taking place, there is an invisible, nonverbal, energetic communication from client to reader, the more open the client, the easier it is to reach the answers using the cards. It is interesting because people often just need to have their thoughts reorganised, and tarot images help with that. So, ultimately, they will always be looking for some kind of reassurance.

What do you see as the main issues and concerns that people have and bring to you in your sessions?

Love! Of course! (laughs) Although what people are really searching for is ‘depth’, and the meaning of their own lives. It comes in many forms! The most common one is the significance people pay to their intimate relationships. When that is going well, it is easier for people to handle more trivial issues, but when someone’s heart and soul, is wondering, or feeling lost, everything else in their life is perceived as falling apart.

In my experience, it is mostly the case that people need to find reassurance, guided by something “divine” – not mundane. They need to talk through, “perceived taboo subjects” with someone other than family and friends.

What session in your years of experience pops to mind when you remember your journey?

There are a few, it is hard to pick one because of the intricacies people carry, I would say however that some people have higher levels of energy and are more in touch with their spirituality. When I do a reading for people like that, it is almost like mind reading! And I can often relate to their experiences much better.

I have had a few clients where the experience was very enlightening for both of us. Those are the ones I remember the most, but each person has their own “Pandora’s box” so I keep an open mind.

What would you say for someone that never went to a reading but it’s curious about it?

“Listen to your curiosity, there’s nothing to be feared.” Tarot offers insights that you can’t get anywhere else, unless of course you have done a philosophy degree!

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