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Hug Method For Shifting- What it is and How to do it?

The Hug method for shifting is one of the sleeping methods. It is very easy to perform and many people have used it to shift to their realities.

In this article, you will find out what is Hug method and how to do it to shift in your new reality.

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What is the Hug method for shifting realities?

The Hug method is one of the methods for shifting.

Shifting is basically transporting your consciousness from your current reality into your desired reality.

Your desired reality is the place where you want to be. It is a place different from your current reality where you are happier than in this reality.

It is possible to shift your consciousness into any reality you want.  And there are many shifting methods that will help you with that.

One of them is the Hug method for shifting. It is a sleeping method where you imagine yourself in a room in your desired reality having fun with friends and hugging them and then going to sleep and when you open your eyes you will be in your desired reality.

How to do the Hug method for shifting?

Here is how to do the hug method for shifting realities:

Step 1: Imagine yourself to be in your DR room

Lie comfortably in a bed. Then, close your eyes and start imagining your desired reality.

Imagine that you just woke up in your desired reality room. Look around you. Observe everything. Focus on everything that is around you. Try to feel as if you are present there in reality.

Get out of your bed and put your feet on the floor and feel the surface beneath you.  Feel the softness of the carpet, touch the furniture.

Look at the ceiling. Look out of the window.  Act as if you’re present in that room for real.

Step 2: Imagine a person in the room and hug him

Now, imagine a person in your room in that reality.

The person could be anyone. They could be your friend, a family member, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

Now, visualize yourself having a fun time with that person. Imagine giving him/her a hug as tight as you can.

Think about that person. Think how important that person is to you. Focus on that love energy. Now, bid goodbye to your friends and go to sleep on the bed in your desired reality.

Step 3: Go to sleep with love energy and open your eye

Dancing, hugging, and kissing friends in your desired reality will evoke the love energy within you. Maintain that energy and go to sleep in your desired reality.

As you drift to sleep keep affirming:  “I am shifted. I am shifted and I am shifted” until you feel the symptoms of shifting.

If you feel these symptoms like dizziness or racing heart that means you are ready to shift to your realities. Then, open your eyes and you will be in your desired reality.

And, this is how the hug method for shifting realities works.


To summarize, the Hug method has proven to be effective for many people. They’ve used it to shift to a new reality. That means the Hug Method works for shifting.

Try this method believing that you can shift. And you’ll be shifted.

But, don’t beat yourself up if you fail to shift. Other methods of shifting are also possible. Remember that different methods work for different people. What you must do is persevere, and you will eventually shift to your desired reality.

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