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How To Shift Realities While Awake? (7+ Popular Methods)

Can you shift realities while being awake? If so, how to shift realities while awake?

Many shifting methods make it mandatory to visualize your Desired Reality. But when you start visualizing, it becomes easy to fall asleep which may delay the shifting process.

If you’ve tried a variety of such shifting techniques to enter the reality you want to, but every time you do, you doze off, then awaken methods for shifting realities are for you.

If you have trouble shifting and, whenever you think you’re getting in your Desired Reality, and you wake up the next morning in your current reality, then keep reading to discover how to shift realities while being awake.

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Can you shift while awake?

Reality shifting can occur while you are awake as well as while you are asleep.

You might believe otherwise because of limiting beliefs. However, if you let go of the notion that reality shifting “should” be more challenging while awake, you will discover that it can be just as effective.

There are shifting methods that help you shift to your desired reality while you’re completely awake. So that you don’t fall asleep in the process only to find yourself waking up in your current reality while trying to do the shifting.

How to shift realities while awake?

With these methods you can shift realities while awake:

Eyes Open Shifting Method

Pick a stationary object to fix your gaze on. While maintaining a fixed gaze, imagine the world as you want it to be.

Utilize all of your senses and allow yourself to experience the unfolding of the reality you desire.

While using this technique, you can also count to 100 and listen to subliminal messages.

You’ll eventually begin to notice changes in your surroundings. Perhaps a change in temperature, a breeze, or even the onset of new sights or sounds nearby.

Allowing your eyes to come back into focus will help you see your desired reality when you notice your symptoms changing.

Julia Method

In Julia Method, you need to repeat the phrase “I AM” while listening to binaural beats, theta waves, or subliminals in the background.

Feel everything you say after the “I AM” with all of your senses.

For instance, begin saying self-affirmations like, “I am (name),” “I live in (place),” or similar expressions relating to your desired reality. You need to recite affirmations to shift.

You have to say these affirmations while counting from one to a hundred. When you do that, you’ll eventually begin to experience shifting symptoms and slowly move to your DR.

Piano Method

Think of yourself strolling through a grand hall. It is crowded with conversation.

You approach the piano and sit down to begin playing a tune. It links you to the reality you want to experience.

Everyone stops talking when you start playing. The spotlight is on you. Take a bow after you’ve finished playing.

To leave, you stand up.

At the end of the hallway, visualize a character from the reality you desire. They take your hand and enquire as to whether you’re prepared to go back home.

Say yes, then trudge with them down a hallway until you come to a lovely door with a golden handle. They walk into the bright light after opening the door. Follow them into your desired reality when you’re ready.

Cinn Method

Lie down in a relaxed position. Start mentally counting down from 100 to 0 while picturing a different element of the desired reality in each place.

Take the example of imagining or affirming your desired reality while counting numbers.

As soon as you reach 50, carry on without stopping until you reach 0.

Open your eyes now. You’ll have your desired reality become a reality.

Alice In Wonderland Method

Take moment to picture yourself relaxing on your back while seated beneath tree.
Imagine that as you stand up, person from your desired reality comes up to you and runs off, jumping down a rabbit hole.
Then, when you’re prepared, decide to join them.

You release the memories of your present reality as you tumble down this rabbit hole.

You land in a little room with a door. The person you were pursuing asks you if you’re prepared to unlock the door with the key present on the table in the middle of the room.

You may proceed if you are.

If not, use affirmations that help you change your perspective to help you proceed. You have already manifested your desired reality once you opened the door and went inside.

54321 Method

Shut your eyes. Breathe deeply. Your body should be relaxed. However, you don’t let yourself get too comfortable and doze off.

Now, say aloud: Five things that you want to see in your desired reality; Four things you want to feel; Three things you want to listen to; Two objects you want to smell; One food you want to taste. 

As you open your eyes to your new desired reality, you’ll notice that your mind is gradually becoming less attached to your current reality.

Animal Method

Spend 10 minutes sitting still and clearing your mind of all ideas.

Next, assume a starfish position on your bed and begin counting slowly from 1 to 100. Start picturing a grassland. Feel the smell of the grass and the wind tickling your face.

Now, select an animal, and visualize it running. Start visualizing yourself pursuing it and following it to the reality you desire.

I AM Method

Breathe easily. Lie in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and repeat shifting positive affirmations starting with the word “I AM” in your head.

Affirmations should be repeated until you notice a change in your body or surrounding. Then, begin mentally or aloud counting backward from ten to zero very slowly.

Open your eyes when you notice a change in your surroundings, and you should be in the desired reality.

How do you shift reality fast while awake?

Here’s how you can shift reality fast while awake:

  • Make a list of your goals and find why you want to manifest them.
  • Set clear intention for shifting.
  • Create affirmations or write a script for shifting.
  • Recognize that you have the power to shape and change your reality. Belief in oneself.
  • Letting go of negative thoughts and feelings will help you move forward.
  • Now, play Theta waves (the best frequency is 6 Hz) and meditate for ten minutes or until you feel relaxed.
  • Repeat in your head, “I am shifting,” until you start to feel the shift. Or, repeat positive affirmations for shifting.
  • Start mentally counting from 100 to 0. Upon reaching 0, consider “I have shifted.” 
  • Be aware of changes around you, but don’t anticipate significant changes to occur overnight.
  • Feel gratitude as you shifted to your desired reality.

What shifting symptoms you’ll have during the day?

Shifting symptoms are the indicator that you’re shifting experience is very close. You’ll have them when you’re ready to shift. And, here are the shifting symptoms you’ll have during the day:

  • Floating sensations
  • Witnessing a brilliant white light
  • Physical itch or tingling
  • Desire to slouch
  • The smell of aromas that aren’t there while still smelling them
  • Feeling as if you’re disconnected from your body
  • Experiencing a falling sensation
  • Dizziness
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Heart racing
  • Eyelids fluttering
  • Sweating 


To conclude, if you’re struggling to keep yourself awake and conscious while shifting, then these awake methods can be very useful to you.

Choose one of these easy as well as proven methods to shift realities while awake. Follow the instructions mentioned above.

If you do it properly with complete faith, you’ll have symptoms of shifting which means you’re about to shift soon. Best of luck!

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