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Business energy in your human design chart

Do you love business? Or maybe you have the energy for it and don’t know it yet? 

It may mean that you have some of the business gates or channels defined. 

I’ve had business energy running through me my whole life and have known it since I was little. I found a notebook from childhood with business logos I had sketched for my dog walking, cleaning, and babysitting ventures. In adulthood, I’ve owned different businesses and navigated my way through the corporate world in sales, communications, branding, marketing, and finance. Business energy was the thread. Although factors outside the heart of business (like the work environment and stress) caused me to change directions from time to time.

It’s no wonder I love business now that I look at my chart. I have channel 44/26 and gate 32. I’m meant to be selling things that are in integrity with who I am (gate 26). I’m meant to present or share visually (gate 44). I’m meant to hold a business vision and build the foundation for the right timing (gate 32). There are some other gates and channels that lend to my love of finance and accounting, but those are for another day.

Do you have any of these business channels or gates defined in your chart?

Have you leaned into their power? Or, maybe you never thought your art had business power (gate 44), or your voice makes you a leader (gate 45)? Take a look and see if they give you an ahas!

Channel 54/32 – Transformation

Channel 54-32 is about holding onto a business vision until the timing is right to act and bring it into form. The ambition to hold it long enough can mean the difference between being successful and being a dreamer. You know which idea will be profitable but transforming an idea into form (concrete piece) – the birth of a dream, comes from holding intent and waiting for the right timing. You will be recognized or invited when the timing is right! That’s when the magic will happen. Trust that when you have the inspiration and have done the work, the circumstances can’t help but support you.

Channel 44/26 – Transmission

Channel 44-26 has the energy for sales. It could be traditional sales (or marketing), but it may show up in other ways. It’s about transmitting truth and telling the story of the past. It may show up in a career as a historian, videographer, or photographer. When you align with this energy, you get to the truth’s root and sell with integrity. Your real job is empowering people to move through limitations and fears of the past through something you believe.

Channel 45/21 – Money Line

The energy in Channel 45-21 is to express and manage the resources of a business. You have energy (and voice) for natural leadership, making choices for the greater good of the whole. It’s all about management and allocating resources to others. For example, here’s how we give the grain, each family gets X bags. How much do we have in storage for the winter? How much leverage do we need to do for agreements? Gate 45 is called a queen/CEO energy. A good queen sincerely wants to have the resources last and correctly allocated.

**Note: You don’t need to have these energies to be successful in business, but if you have them, you may be pulled towards business. You can learn or hire out different pieces of business and other energies will also lend themselves to transferrable skills within business, so no worries if you don’t have them.

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