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Human Design Projector Survival Guide

Here are 5 essential survival tips for the Human Design Projector type!

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00:00 Intro
01:19 Wait For the Invitation
02:18 1 on 1 is best
03:19 Pacing
05:23 Resting is productive!
06:09 You Can’t afford to get Bitter
08:39 Summary
09:11 Going deeper

Human design projector career
Human design projector careers
Human design projector success
Human design projector strategy
Human design projector authority
Human design projector bitterness
Human design projector aura type
Human design projector business
Human design projectors career
Human design projectors careers
Human design projectors success
Human design projectors strategy
Human design projectors authority
Human design projectors bitterness
Human design projectors business
Human design projectors aura type

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