Law of Attraction

Don’t Buy Your Own B.S.

Between phishing scams, fake news, nefarious social bots, and deep fake videos, we’re better than ever at spotting lies presented to us, right?

The proliferation of identify theft technologies and manipulative agendas has elevated our game in recognizing B.S. in regular daily life.

Which are good skills to have, but there’s one even more important deep fake worth spotting …

That’s our own gremlin lies.

I’m talking about the inner critic that whispers unhelpful things throughout the day, like:

  • You aren’t good enough.
  • They don’t like you.
  • You’ll never get it right.
  • There’s something wrong with you.
  • You missed your chance.
  • You don’t deserve to get what you want.
  • You’re too (old, young, inexperienced, broke) etc.

Do you spot your own internal untruths as well as you spot the external ones in the world?

Because even savvy creators who are good at this stuff can sometimes let those gremlins by unquestioned. And if anyone should be challenged, it’s them!

I’m pretty good at this stuff, and mine still get by my filter every now and again.

So the same way you know to question what you read from a biased “news” source, or to ignore a text from an unknown number with your best friend’s area code, or scroll right on by the stranger’s social media comment designed to pick a fight … we’ve to to be able to question our own BS, too.

How can you discern truth from gremlin B.S.?

Paying attention to how it makes you feel is the first tipoff. Inner wisdom doesn’t feel bad when you engage it. Gremlin lies, on the other hand, often lead to feelings of discouragement, disempowerment, unworthiness or outrage.

The same tips that help us spot fake news can also help reveal gremlin lies or input from our inner critic:

  • Consider the source. (Gremlins lie.)
  • Read beyond the headline. (Go deeper into the story for the true facts.)
  • Check the author. (Again: Gremlins lie. But also, check your status: are you tired? Hungry? Overwhelmed? Recently divorced or fired? Sometimes our filters falter when we’re not in a great state.)
  • What’s the support? (Question the negative thoughts to see if there’s any basis in fact for their whisperings.)
  • Check the date. (Is this an old story they’re spinning again? Don’t fall for it just because it’s been on replay!)
  • Check your biases. (Are you already prone to believe bad things about yourself? If so, you have to question these things.)
  • Consult the experts. (Run it by your inner being, higher self, angels, or guides, or whoever you trust more than gremlins!)

Just sayin’ you can run those gremlin lies through the same filters you’ve used to spot fabrications, falsehoods and fake news in the rest of the world.

We can’t lead with that stuff, we can’t let it run rampant, because our thoughts are creating our reality. And we’ve got way too many fabulous dreams to bring to life to be messing around with this unhelpful stuff.

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