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Biofield Tuning with Shannon Tinder

MysticMag chats with Shannon Tinder from Sacred Living Center. Shannon shares her passion and experience of energy healing, and particularly with that of Biofield Tuning, and how her and her husband harmonize the lives of those they work with and help them live the life they love.

Which aspects of your journey have impacted your life the most and have been instrumental in the making of Shannon today?

My whole life has been a journey of mysticism. I was involved with christianity whilst growing up and my aunt was very New Age. I always had this curiosity towards the mystic side of life and then I would say when I turned 18, the coming into awareness that the world is multidimensional gave me permission to leave christianity and follow my own path. I tried college but it wasn’t for me and I just knew that I was on a completely different path of life.

I created my own degree throughout the last 25-30 years of holistic wellness. I became a clinical herbalist in my mid twenties and this really dropped me into the earth. This awareness that we live on this earth, which perhaps has something to do with my deep Pagan ancestral roots, reminds us that we have to live and remember that we live in cycles and seasons – cyclical living has been the theme in my life which has kept me going.

What can you tell us about Biofield Tuning and what clients can expect to gain from this?

I see people in person and in distance. Everything is frequency and so with Biofield Tuning we are looking at the whole field around a person and at the being in a multidimensional way. I have a medical intuitive perspective in Biofield Tuning – I am able to see in the body where there is a dissonance and this may show up in a session as something physical such as viruses, bacterias or emotional baggage.

I specialize in womb and women’s health through the lens of Biofield Tuning and Somatic Bodywork. Essentially we are reading the Akashic Records of the person which is the record of our life, ancestors, and beyond. It is all about harmonizing the spirit – the soul, mental, emotional and the body. We help people come back to their center.

This is actually one of my most recent modalities which I started about five years ago. I have seen that tuning in at a frequency level can bring such rapid results. One can see major shifts that take place in someone’s life simply after a few sessions. It is incredible.

You talk of ‘long lasting, positive change’. Do you find that other healing therapies are not perhaps sustainable enough?

I appreciate talk therapy but I have never found it useful for myself. When working with the soul, the mental, the emotional, and the body, we have to have an approach that touches on all of them. My work really harmonizes all four of these fields and the elements in the body. If we simply massage or talk, we cannot access all of the above mentioned areas. I bring everything in so as to bring about long lasting change.
I look at a person holistically and sometimes refer people out to a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist or a homeopathic doctor. I make sure that we get all the pieces for our clients – it takes a village.

Do you find that the husband & wife duo deepens and strengthens your holistic approach to therapies and life?

Within our wellness center, my husband Nathan offers transformational massage with sound therapies and mostly sees people in person for this deep tissue structural integration massage. Together, we offer sacred plant meditation retreats and immersions for people to ensure deep long lasting transformation. We offer these in 1-4 day formats at our center in Ashland, Oregon.

To answer the question, YES! The work we perform as a team is absolutely more powerful. We balance each other to amplify who we each are in a beautiful way. Elementally, we are a lovely balance. Our combined work helps people ground all the transformation moving through them.

What is your general method of working with clients?

I do one hour to one and a half hour sessions with people. We drop in, open up the akashic records, read the field and the body and see where the places of dissonance are. I work with my hands in the Quantum, with light language and the tuning forks to clear the places of dissonance. It is a reading of the body and the healing that comes with it.
I specialize in women’s health and also with those in transitional periods of their life – perhaps career or relationships. I am very skilled at seeing the pieces of the puzzle and the next steps for people to take. I offer three day immersions where people come to me and I focus solely on them for these three days. It is a very elemental experience where we look at everything from nutrition to relationship patterns, support in their career and their daily structure.

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