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Real, raw and unfiltered readings with Chris Medina

Chris Medina started giving informal readings at the age of 3, being what you can call a natural. But only in 2014 he started doing psychic work, delivering, as he points out in his website, “real, raw and unfiltered” readings.

In this interview for MysticMag we talked with Chris to know more about his story, how his message is received by the clients and how to move on when you feel blocked or without purpose.

When did you discover your gift?

Oh, my God. I was born this way. To be honest with you, the first vivid memory I have is when I was 3 or 4 years old giving my dad’s friends readings. My dad’s a biker and I always tell the story: I was born in the seventies and back in the day bikers smoked weed and invited their friends over. My dad was always somebody that liked to have a lot of fun.

So, he would bring his friends over and they would smoke weed in the back room. Then, my dad thought it would be a real kick out of me giving his friends readings. I remember giving his friends readings and making one of them cry. I was worried that I’d done something wrong, but my dad said to me that I’d just told him something he needed to hear.

That’s fascinating. And then you started to do that professionally?

Yeah, I actually led a normal life up until 2014. I have two kids and I worked in the insurance industry and then 2014 rolled by. Guides came in that year: “we told you when you were a kid, what was going to happen and now it’s time – you’re going to change your life around”. They told me I would not be the same person I was then anymore and showed me my new path.

So, I just started doing psychic work. I have a manager who’s also my best friend. We had no idea of how we’d do that, no media experience, nothing. I said we should contact every radio station, every television station, every podcast host, every celebrity and ask who wants readings. After that, it just snowballed.

The very first thing he got was ComicCon. I think I was laughing because everybody there was like “what is a psychic doing here?” And I was like “what do you mean by ‘what is the psychic doing here?’ It’s all over your comic books!” You know, Emma Frost, Jean Grey…

In your website, you described yourself as “real, raw and unfiltered”. Why do you think some psychics don’t give what they see and try to sugarcoat it?

My own personal belief is that, when it comes to psychic readings, the reason why I say raw and unfiltered like the Howard Stern of psychics is because you see so many psychics take advantage of people. And I grew up that way. I’ve been a psychic my whole life and all my dad’s side of the family is all Apache Indian. They have the ability and I always knew that I had that.

Growing up, I was very much involved in spells. I wanted to do spells and ritualistic work and I knew that I had the ability to be psychic, but I also saw these people taking advantage of other people and capitalizing on it. If somebody died or if somebody ended up breaking up in a relationship, that person would be desperate to bring that person back and then would count on somebody doing the spell or the psychic to bring it back.

I found a good majority of the time they were misleading everybody. So, one of my guides came in in 2014 and told me that was what I’d be doing here, to which I replied I’d only do it if I could act differently than anybody else did. I didn’t want to do the futuristic four-years-ahead type of reading. How can I predict a fruitful future to somebody rotten to their core or who is not going to change?

If you’re wanting a relationship, how do you expect to be in one, if you’re not actively looking or doing the work on yourself to get out of that mind space? You hear so many people talking about manifestation and putting positive intention out there. You can’t bullshit God, Jesus or whatever religious figure or belief system. Whatever it is that you’re putting out there, they know what your true intention is. If it is just to have it just for the sake of having it, it’s not going to work.

Did anyone ever complain or ask you to tone it down or to maybe change your message?

All the time! I always shit on the “love and light community” and – let me just clean that up really fast – what I mean by “love and light” are the ones that consider this themselves “woke” or do everything by like the “woo woo” type of thing: if you believe the universe will bring it or that you’ll get something if you’re a good person.

I have problems with that community because I tell them they’re full of shit and that the reason why they give these readings is because they know, for a fact, there’s no way to validate what they’re saying. And everybody goes into the medium side of things. No production company, no television company’s ever seen a psychic do a show. They see medium shows, where they’re chasing ghosts around and talking to people on the other side. That’s easy because there’s no way to validate that. It’s entertaining. So, a lot of people ask me if I think I’m better than everybody, and I don’t. I think I’m realer than most people.

When people reach you for reading, do you think they try to validate something that they are searching for? Or do they come to you with the mind open?

My reputation speaks for itself: people come to me and the first thing they’ll say is that they reached out to me because they need to get their ass kicked. They always come to me when they want the truth. I always tell people the best readings are the ones where I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.

What makes it psychic is that I’ve never met you before. All I ask for is a picture. I don’t want to hear anything and even want to know the names of the people that are in the picture. That’s how I do my readings. I spend the first five to six minutes giving you what I’m getting directly, and then I’ll open it up to you.

Do you think your delivery is the main reason why you have such a big media presence?

My delivery, my message and also I want people to realize I am not your savior. I am not doing the work for you, I’m simply delivering a message to you.

Do you have a case that stuck in your mind in which you validated your point of view?

Yes. I’m a medium as well, but I usually do the psychic stuff because I feel like mediums take advantage of people trying to capitalize on the death. I don’t bring that side in unless that ghost or spirit is telling me to say something to my client. In that case, I’ll ask the person who’s the person coming through and tell their message.

So, the other day I did a reading and the woman knew that I don’t like doing medium work, but asked me if I could just take a quick look at her dad. I agreed and said that he was telling me that he was on her left side. She broke down and started crying and I was like “are you okay?” I asked her if I’d said something wrong, to which she replied that she’d told her dad to talk to her on her left side if he was to come and visit her.

I get stuff like that all the time. I’ll watch Unsolved Mysteries or Forensic Files and pick up on the death of that person. I’ll actually have them come through sometimes, like a guy that was missing in Peru for two years who came through like a phone call, wanting to know if I could tell his family and give them closure, telling that he’d I passed on and not to worry. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true!

Do you face it as a burden?

No, I don’t look at it as a burden. When I see that a person is going to die or something bad is going to happen to them, that’s difficult for me.

Do you have a message for people that feel blocked or don’t have a purpose? If they want to change that, but they don’t know how to do that.

Absolutely. What people fail to realize sometimes is they want that quick fix. We see it all the time. There are apps for everything, there’s a pill for everything. It takes an incredible amount of mental strength to change your situation.

I always advise people to remove themselves from any distractions that would include family, their husband or wife, especially when they’re embarking on a new journey or looking out for the next phase or chapter of their life.

Also, sit with yourself and ask yourself “what is it that I want to do? Where can I see myself going?” Take the time to definitely go within. If you can’t figure that out, hop on a phone call with me and I’ll tell you what’s up within two minutes.

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