Law of Attraction

Vibe Check: What’s Your Signal?

Conscious creators know we get what we vibrate. That’s the heart of law of attraction: what we offer is what we’re getting back.

That means that whatever we think about, talk about, and observe is what manifests in our reality. Universe (aka the matrix, the field, Source, or whatever you call powers that be) returns to us whatever we offer through our thought stream.

With that in mind, here’s an easy way to do a vibration check on what you’re signaling Universe for …

Imagine you are the Universe; faithfully recording everything lil’ ole you is paying attention to. Every scene you envision, every word you speak, every thought that crosses your mind – all of it is perfectly recorded and documented as a strict instruction to what the big guns can deliver.

Even when you want much different things, the universe can only send what you have instructed.

So, if we could peek over Universe’s shoulder to see what it’s getting from you, what would your instruction look like? 

That’s just another way of asking what you’re telling reality to become for you. Meaning …

  • What scenes are you envisioning consistently?
  • What thoughts are you thinking most often?
  • What feelings are you activating most regularly?

This exercise invites us to eavesdrop on ourselves and get clear about what we’re dialed on.

It takes strong self-awareness to realize what we’re calling in via our attention. Because the truth is we’re often signaling Universe for something very different than what we want.

Recognizing that difference (if there is one) and closing that gap is key to creating dreams come true.

That’s easier to do when we realize what we’ve been instructing.

A quick peek at a random moment of mine shows what Universe is getting from me has plenty of room for improvement. Here’s a sample of my focus (with Universe’s response to it in parantheses):

Harvey’s eye looks better. (Continue healing for Harvey.)
Why are these pants so uncomfortable? (Her clothes don’t fit right.)
Is it me?! (It’s probably her. Give her some extra pounds.)
Or did they shrink?! (She doesn’t do laundry right. Shrink some more stuff, especially pants.)
Those flowers need water. (It’s dry. Hold off on any rain.)
We could sure use some rain. (It’s super dry. Throw in some extra hot days.)
I should pull some weeds. (Proliferate some weeds.)
I’m never gonna get to everything. (She’s unproductive and overwhelmed. Call in more things she’ll never get to.)
Wait, is that cat pee I smell? (Cue someone to mark the wall again. Quick, before she gets up to check!)
Speaking of, where is Ginger? (Hide Ginger. Ginger is awol and out of sight.)
I need to deworm her. (Give Ginger worms and keep her out of sight until further instruction.)
Which reminds me to text Marcy back. (Distract her from connecting with friends.)
And don’t forget to call the vet tomorrow. (Distract her so she forgets to followup with the vet.)

Every instruction is answered with a matching response from universe. On those occasions when my instructions contradict, the more dominant one wins (or I get mixed results).

Not all my moments are that unhelpful, but this isn’t as much of an exaggeration as I would like to tell you it is.

Sometimes it’s insightful to tune into what our instructions are on a specific topic, like financial prosperity, relationship success, career progress, etc. Even savvy creators can be surprised to hear what their signal has been on topics near and dear to their heart.

The way I like to think of it is like I have big desires that are held on back order until I offer a delivery window where Universe can get it through to my reality. It can’t give me what I want until I am the vibration of that desire. And the vibration I’m being (i.e. the deliver window I’m offering) is sometimes (okay, often) very different than the desire I’m holding.

When you notice you’re feeling discontent or disappointed; or when you recognize the things you imagine are not pleasant scenarios; or when you hear yourself griping about an injustice here or something gone wrong there – that’s a sign you’re tying Universal hands, preventing it from yielding what you most want.

It can’t give us what we desire until we’re dialed on that. That’s LOA 101, and doing a vibration check by putting ourselves in Universe’s shoes and eavesdropping on our instruction can be an enlightening process.

Once we spot the gap our work is straightforward … we close it by lining up with what we want. That’s what this entire blog and podcast is devoted to; it’s what Good Vibe University exists for; it’s what our opportunities as conscious creators are.

All we have to do is swap out contrary instructions for thoughts of appreciation and visions of success; speaking about what’s gone right and feeling optimistic about what’s coming. It’s so easy when we remember where our true power lies!

What’s your signal these days?

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