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How To Manifest Specific Person To Text You? (Success Stories)

If you want to know how to manifest a specific person to text you, this blog post is for you.

You see, after years of experimentation and practice, it’s safe to say that I know exactly what it takes to manifest text from a specific person using the law of attraction within a few days.

Like manifesting a specific person in your life, you can also manifest a specific person to text you.

And, in this article, I will teach you exactly how to use the law of attraction to manifest a specific person to text you.

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How to manifest a specific person to text you?

Before we talk about the process of manifesting a text from a specific person, let me first remind you that it is possible to do so.

Even if you’re reading this article on manifesting text using your mind, you may still have doubt and fear within. You need to get rid of your limiting belief before you start your manifestation journey.

One way to kill limiting belief is to read the success story of people who have already done things that you want to try. So, to boss your confidence and remove doubt from your mind, I present you manifesting text success story.

Success Story

Now, you know that people are successful at manifesting a text from a specific person, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the process of manifesting by yourself.

Remember, you’re no different than the person who has already manifested the text. If they can do it, so can you.

Trust yourself and follow these steps to manifest a text from a specific person.

#1 Have clarity of your goal

The first step is to be clear on your goal. What do you want them to text? Who do you want it from? Why is it important to you?

It is very important that you have a clear goal for this manifestation process, so don’t ignore it.

Write down your goal in a sentence. For example: “I want to see a text message from Sam very soon.” 

And, then also write about the subject matter of the text that you want to receive from the specific person. You want them to send a general message as a friend or a romantic message that a soulmate would send to each other.

In short, find out from who you want to receive the message and what the message will be.

#2 Find why you want to manifest text

Next, you need to add emotion to your desire so that it becomes a powerful one.

If you want someone to text you, ask yourself why. What does this person mean to you? Why do you need to get in touch with them? Is there something specific that they can do for you? How can they help?

If the answers are vague or don’t make sense, then there’s no point in making the request.

Your reason for manifesting a text from a specific person should be compelling. It should inspire you to take the necessary action required to achieve your goal.

This way, when you do the work, it will seem more meaningful and you will feel better about yourself as well as be able to accomplish what you want easier than if you do not have this reason behind it.

#3 Visualization

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help us achieve our goals faster and more effectively than we ever thought possible.

Visualize yourself living your dream now — see yourself receiving a text from a specific person.

In your mind, listen to the notification sound on your phone, then hold the phone to check the message. Make a big smile because you’ve received a text from the specific person that you desired. Read the message and as you read feel gratitude and joy.

Repeat this process every day and feel joy and gratitude every time you do this.

#4 Scripting

Another simple method of manifesting a text from a specific person is to script the text message that you want to receive.

Write the text message you want to receive. And, then write it over and over by quoting the name of the person from whom you want to get a text.

#5 Relax and receive

After doing visualization and scripting, you should relax and let the universe help you get your desire manifested into a reality.

In another word, you need to let go of the outcome and practice the law of attraction continuously with faith until you manifest text from a specific person.


To sum up, it is possible to manifest a specific person to text you. For this, you need to work on your mindset and belief system.

First, you need to get rid of your limiting belief and then follow the above-mentioned process. Remember, you need to let go of the outcome and trust the process in order to manifest a text.

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