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Alternative Cancer Therapy with Jill Ayn Schneider

Jill Ayn Schneider is a Revolutionary Healer and alternative cancer coach. She is a licensed bodyworker, nutrition instructor, and detoxification expert using fasting and intuitive coaching. In addition, she has developed her gift for Mediumship. MysticMag finds out more.

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” – Thomas Edison

What can you tell us about your own personal journey with cancer and the healing thereof?

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1975. I refused all Western treatments that they were proposing. I actually happened to be attending a course in Chinese Medicine at the time so I was already slightly on the holistic path, so to speak.

I healed myself in six months. I changed my diet according to the macrobiotic theory, and I practiced much meditation. I am currently writing an autobiography on my story.

What therapies do you offer your clients and how successful are they in curing patients from cancer?

I don’t like to say that I cure cancer but there are reviews that say I do. I basically balance the body. I only attract people who are brave already, who have maybe tried a little chemo or radiotherapy and who have walked away from it, or people who have had the courage to refuse treatment from the beginning – those who are unafraid.
I practice energy healing and give people the confidence that it is possible for their bodies to heal if they make dietary and lifestyle adjustments. I am actually a specialist in juice fasting detoxification.
I work online primarily nowadays and I will only work online with those who have been vaccinated.

Which is your preferred method of energy healing?

Being myself. I have studied with many energy healers, and what I took away with me was keeping my energy full – full of God – no religion but the energy of the Creator within me.

How important is coaching in the work that you do?

It is all about coaching. Once I show people how independently they are able to contact that place within themselves with LOVE, they see that they have a new category of possibilities. I teach them to love themselves, love life and see the hope and numerous possibilities of healing without the use of harsh, toxic Western approaches to cancer.

Can we prevent trauma (inevitable) from triggering disease?

It really depends on how we deal with the trauma. When we lose someone we love, it is actually a beautiful and magical time because the heart and the emotions of the bereft are more easily reached. The person is no longer in that state of ego or pretense that is protecting his/her fake status. There is an opening to get in there and rearrange that person’s values. Everybody has an inner strength for situations like this and can show the person that they will be ok and allows them to take the time to grieve.

How did this gift of being a Medium come to pass?

The same day I bought a condo in North Carolina, near Asheville, in December 2019, I finished the inspection and decided to drive down the mountain to the little town of Burnsville. After an omelet in the local Chai/Coffee Shop, I felt connected to everything around me. I felt like a light beam as I walked around the corner to a thrift shop. I introduced myself to the General Manager and asked her how she was doing. Wanda spilled her beans and told me she was so depressed that it was tough to function, mentioning that her Dad had died 1.5 years ago and she couldn’t get over his death. Suddenly, my right hand gently smacked my cheek. She said, “OMG, my Dad used to do that all the time!” Then I heard him say, “Please tell her I’m fine, and she’s got to get over it.” Her mother, who was standing next to her, had a massive smile on her face during this wild encounter. It felt so natural that I should be a channel for her father.

Who guided you after that first experience?

My closest friend is Dr. Carolle Jean- Murat, an MD, OBGYN – – who used to be Louise Hay’s OBGYN for 25 years and published Dr. Carolle’s first books when Hay House began. She is originally from Haiti but studied medicine in Mexico and the US. Her grandfather was a Voodoo priest and did much healing throughout his life. Although Dr. Carolle became a well-known alternative MD in the US, she never lost her connection to her culture and ancestors. She didn’t question how she could help others by channeling dead people. I have been friends with her since the early 2000s, and I’ve heard many stories. We share stories every week since our understanding of how this happens is aligned.

Can you tell us a couple of stories of how you were able to help others through these transmissions?

After that first incident in Burnsville, I traveled back to Florida to begin selling my condo. I also saw some clients for massage for the next couple of months until I was packed up and ready to move.
During this period in 2020, I had a client on my table, and suddenly, I saw “in my mind’s eye” a young man sitting in the thinker position. I knew this woman had lost a son about seven years earlier to suicide. I asked her, did your son Craig sit in the thinker position?” She said, “Yes, all the time.” Craig was so sorry and wanted to apologize to his mother, and she felt that. After some tears, I asked her if there was anything she wanted to say to Craig. She said, “Tell him that I love him.”
Another time involved a dog named Mikey. A client came for treatment, and it appeared that she could not see. Her sister had to drive her. I asked Terry what happened, and she said, “I watched my dog Mikey get run over about a month ago, and since then, it seems that I’m losing my eyesight.” Suddenly, I heard Mikey ask me to tell her that he was fine and that the accident
was not her fault. I relayed this message to her from the dog. I called her about a month later to find out her eyes had improved, and she could drive again.

Why would you like to help people using your gift of Mediumship?

As you can see, unfinished business can make grieving difficult. I didn’t know I could be a channel for these people’s loved ones. It came upon me so naturally that I don’t doubt it for a moment. I have many more stories.
If I don’t get a connection with your loved one, I will not charge for my time.

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