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How Many Times Should You Visualize? (Answered!)

Undoubtedly, visualization is one of the most effective methods for the manifestation of desire.

It is easy to practice and proven to work. That’s why most successful people advise using it.

But, how many times should you visualize to make your dream a reality? How long should you visualize? Should you visualize the same thing? Is visualization enough to manifest one’s dream?

In this post, you’ll find answers to these common questions people ask about visualization. So keep reading.

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What is visualization?

Visualization, also known as seeing, is a process by which you envision something in your mind. You image the situation or outcome of your goal and imagine yourself already achieving it.

It is the act of imagination of the desired outcome and mentally rehearsing it so that it gets imprinted in the subconscious mind.

This process is used for many different purposes: to create new habits, to improve performance in sports and other areas of life, and, most importantly, to achieve your goals.

Visualization helps you create a powerful connection between your mind and body. It helps you align with the Universe to manifest your desire.

And, the more frequently you visualize, the better able you will be to achieve your dreams and desires.

How many times should you visualize in a day?

Ideally, you should visualize twice daily for a total of 10 minutes. Morning, just before you wake up, and at night before you go to sleep is the most appropriate time for practicing visualization.

During this period, your mind will be naturally in the alpha state where any suggestion can impress the subconscious mind with minimal resistance from the conscious mind.

However, the amount of time you spend visualizing depends on your goals and interests. And you can manifest at any time of day you want.

To sum up, you should be visualizing at least twice a day for 10 minutes in each session. That’s the minimum amount of time you need to give for visualization to see the result.

But, you can visualize as many times you want and as long as you want. There is no limit. Remember, don’t burn yourself in the process of visualization by practicing it for a longer duration.

Don’t make visualization a chore. Visualize as long as you’re interested in it. Don’t force it if you become tired of it. In that case, take a short break and start again.

How long should you visualize?

To manifest your goal by visualization, you should at least visualize your goal for about 21 days. Why 21 days?

That’s because it takes 21 days to create a habit and program the subconscious mind with an idea. After this period, visualization of your goal becomes a habit. And, you no longer have to force yourself to practice the visualization.

Once you create a habit, the mere thought of your goal can evoke a mental image that you’ve been practicing and make the subconscious programming more strong. It means you don’t have to do hard work as you did at the beginning of visualization.

Will you get the result after 21 days of visualization? Maybe, maybe not. There is no guarantee that you’ll get the result. But, by that time, you’ll have created enough momentum to be the manifestation process. And, you’ll soon attract your desire into reality if you keep practicing it and working towards your goal.

Is visualization enough to manifest your goal?

Visualization is important but it is not going to help you manifest your goal alone. You need planning and action to manifest your goal.

What visualization really do is help you get the proper mindset required for success. It gives you confidence and help you recognize the opportunities. But, you have to take action every day to become successful at manifesting your goal.

What is the best alternative to visualization?

Though visualization is easy law of attraction tool, not everybody can master it. It requires great attention and clarity of your goal.

For those who have difficulty maintaining focused attention, visualization can be a tough game to play. So, for them, the best alternative to visualization is the Mind movie.

The mind movie is a video that includes pictures of your goal, affirmations, and uplifting music. It shows you the end result of your goal and feeds your mind with powerful and empowering affirmation.

If use it frequently, you’ll manifest your desire. In fact, a Mind movie can give you the result faster than visualization. Do you want to learn more about the Mind movie?

Read also: What is mind movie and how to use them?


Visualizing your goal 10 minutes a day at least two times is enough to manifest your goal. However, you can do visualization as many times as you like.

Remember, you can use alternative tools for visualization like Mind movie to visualize your goal if you find the visualization cumbersome.

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