What Order Should I Take Magick∴Me’s Classes In?

Magick.Me is the world’s greatest resource for mastering magick, mysticism and meditation. It’s an ever-growing repository of the world’s sacred traditions and proven methods, and it’s meant to allow you to pick and choose what you want to learn, charting your course how you want to.

As such, there’s a lot of material on Magick.Me, and getting started may seem daunting at first. It isn’t! To help you navigate, I’ve created this handy guide with options on how to chart a course through the school.

I’ve laid out several potential training tracks:

  1. Introduction to Magick. This is the absolute best introduction to both magick and Magick.Me. Everything you need is right here. Whether you’re a brand new or an experienced student of magick, Introduction to Magick is the absolute best, most direct, and clearest introduction to magick on the planet. Start here!

  2. The Core Curriculum, which will take you through all of the essential Magick.Me material in a way that builds skills step-by-step, interlocking them logically into a structured magical training regimen. The core curriculum is for beginners who have had limited exposure to magickal traditions, and is the right place to start if you haven’t adopted any practices into your life yet. It’s like magickal training wheels. If you want to do the Full Training, the best deal is to get a Subscription to the Core Curriculum courses.

  3. The Adept Megacourses—the ultimate system for magical development, for those who are truly ready to go hard. It’s the Navy SEALS bootcamp for magick, and is not a light undertaking—the entire system so far could easily take six months to complete. Those are six months in which you’ll achieve breakthroughs and ascend to new levels in your life that you never thought could be possible. But you have to be ready-this is where the training wheels come off and only dedicated students should apply. The Megacourses are a modern mystery school for advanced development. If you want to do the Adept-level training, the best deal is to take the Megacourse Bundle, which includes the three courses you need for ultimate success in every area of your life. You’ll go through the Adept Initiative, then the Alchemy of Chaos, using the elements and the planets as a framework to build a future of your own design. This bundle also includes the Fortuna working, which is designed to secure your financial stability in an ever changing economy. Achieve Mastery Here.

You can find out more about each track below:


Introduction to Magick

The first step in everyone’s journey should be our brand-new Introduction to Magick course.

In this course, we’ll take you from 0 to 60—we’ll build the skills of magick step by step, guiding at every stage. We’ll show you how to leverage the world’s greatest spiritual technologies to recover your true self and shape your life in the image of the person that you truly are.

Magick should be available for everyone—but for centuries, people have had to learn it the hard way, by spending precious decades of their life scouring hard-to-find books, struggling to put the puzzle pieces together, and suffering through hard trial-and-error experience. Why do that when you can literally get booted up in a day?

You’ll get everything you need to massively succeed in transforming your life into whatever you truly will it to be—NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week, not twenty years from now… but Right Where You Are Sitting Now, in this once-in-a-lifetime course.

This is more than enough to get you started and getting real results. If you like what you get, why not go further?


The Magick.Me Core Curriculum is designed to approach skills one by one, allowing you to piece them together in the order you choose.

Start Learning Magick

Magick operates on a stacked set of skills, each of which can be trained separately or as part of a comprehensive program. These are (among others): meditation, banishing rituals, divination, dreamwork and astral travel, invocation, evocation, liberation and the True Will. The budding magician must then learn to put these pieces together as a vehicle for achieving their goals in life.

1. Intro to Chaos Magick. As above.

2. Hardcore Meditation. Will train you in building the fundamentals of meditation practice—Raja Yoga—that underly all magical work. Truly the be-all-and-end-all of Magick.

3. Introduction to Banishing Rituals. Learn the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Lesser Hexagram Ritual, Rose Cross and more—the full battery of Golden Dawn/LVX banishings for getting serious occult work done.

4. Master the I Ching. Divination allows the budding magician to double-check what they’re doing so they don’t cause themselves headaches, and opens a dialogue with the unconscious mind and intuition. Its use is critical for magical growth; the I Ching is the best divination system for giving yourself readings.

5. Master the Tarot. Tarot is the next divination system to learn after I Ching. Not only is it the best system to use for giving others readings, but it will begin to train you in elemental, planetary, astrological and Qabalistic correspondences—the language of Magick.

6. Introduction to Lucid Dreaming. Dream control, dreamwork and lucid dreaming allow the budding magician to begin accessing the astral plane, the world of the shared unconscious.

7. Introduction to Astral Projection. Astral projection now allows the magician to build on the toolkit of meditation, banishing, sigils and dreamwork to directly gain access to the astral during ceremonial ritual.

8. Practical Psychic Protection. Not only a safeguard against the pitfall of paranoia, this class will explain how to stay safe and grounded while performing magick, particularly as one’s rites become more complex and intense.

9. Advanced Chaos Magick. As above.

10. Unlock Your True Will. Finally, tie it all together with this course on the True Will—take the skills you’ve learned and start applying them in the right direction, toward advancing your spiritual growth and progress towards becoming the person you know you can become.

If you to really go for it and watch this much material, you will likely save yourself a significant amount of money by getting a subscription plan instead of buying them individually.



The Adept-level megacourses—The Adept Initiative and The Alchemy of Chaos—are much, MUCH more intensive, structured training meant to act like a full, structured magical system.

  1. The Adept Initiative takes you through the five elements—Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit.

It forms the first course in an ongoing set of core megatrainings meant to be taken in sequence, and to update the rigid step-by-step curriculum of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for the 21st century.

The Adept Initiative is an in-depth training program in magick and mysticism, designed to give you absolute mastery over your life, and leverages the greatest spiritual tools available to humanity to liberate, empower and awaken you to your innate freedom and true purpose in life. It will provision you with the tools you need to fulfill that purpose. And not twenty years in the future, but Now.

Rather than a course about theory and academic knowledge, The Adept Initiative IS magick. It is an immersive, life-changing experience. It will supercharge your soul and transform your life forever.

  1. The Alchemy of Chaos is the next step after The Adept Initiative. While The Adept Initiative introduces you to working with the five elements, The Alchemy of Chaos builds on that foundation by opening up the energies of the seven planets—and showing you exactly how to harnass them for your own life, even in the darkest and most difficult of times.

In this megacourse, you’ll undertake a guided step-by-step process for retaking control of your safety, your money and your future. You’ll get in-depth, comprehensive instruction and exercises to deploy every occult and practical technique imaginable for turning setback into success and collapse into comeback. You’ll get an overflowing toolbox of real, practical information, techniques and strategies for thriving spiritually, physically and even financially—even if the entire global economy is crashing all around you.

Taken together, The Adept Initiative and The Alchemy of Chaos are truly everything you need to not only initiate yourself as a practical, working magician, but also to achieve tangible, real-world success. Adding in the Fortuna working will give you the financial foundation from which to build the kind of life that right now you can only dream of, yet tomorow you will be working to build. Take the courses together in the bundle to have all of these tools at your fingertips immediately.
Achieve Mastery Here.


1. The Fortuna Working. This is a week-long magical working purely designed to generate material wealth. If you could use some cash, or are hoping to manifest the resources to take other Magick.Me course, this should do the trick. You don’t have to have taken any other Magick.Me courses before doing this working, but if you have, this is a great way to test your skills.

2. Achieve Peak Mental and Physical Energy. Stack this with anything, particularly right at the outset. This can be taken either as part of magical training or completely outside the context of magick—either way, it will help you build a foundation of physical and mental toughness and resilence to tackle anything on this site, or in life.

3. Magick and Art. Take this course at any time after “Introduction to Chaos Magick” if you’re interested in using magick specifically for artistic inspiration. It’s an excellent, well-loved class—and pertains specifically to artistic use, so take it if you’re art-inclined.

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