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Is It Good to Listen To Music While Manifesting? (Explained!)

Music has a tremendous impact on our moods and feelings.

It evokes strong emotions. Some songs make us happy, others sad. Some help us focus, others distract us. Music can also influence how we feel about ourselves, a person, or a situation.

So, does it mean that it is good to listen to music while manifesting?

Listening to music while manifesting is a topic that comes up fairly often in the Law of Attraction community. It’s a very personal thing, and everyone has their own opinion on it.

However, there are some things you should know before you start listening to music while manifesting.

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Is it good to listen to music while manifesting?

Listening to music can be good or bad. It depends on what type of music you listen to.

When we listen to music, we absorb the lyrics and melodies. It creates images of different scenarios in our heads. Not only that, the music evokes strong emotion and creates a memory of events that we’re into while listening to it.

The point here is that if you listen to good music which makes you empowered, and motivated and fill you with positive energy then it is good to listen to music while manifesting.

But, if you’re listening to melancholic music that makes you sad and hopeless, you’ll have thoughts similar to your emotion which is often negative and pessimistic. In that case, you’ll not be able to attract any positive desire.

So, choose wisely what kinds of music you listen to while manifesting.

Does music you listen to affect your manifestation?


Music has a powerful effect on the mind and body, and if you’re not using it for manifestation, then you’re missing out.

Fun fact: Music has been used for thousands of years to help people heal from illness and psychological trauma. Music even helps animals change their mood.

In light of recent research showing the links between music and emotions, it seems that the type of music you listen to can affect your perceptions and even your reality.

Your favorite music is not just about your personal taste. It has a direct impact on the way you feel and behave. That’s why music is often used in self-help programs and coaching.

This is how music affects the manifestation process:

Music makes you feel good. Music can lift your spirits, reduce stress, and make you feel happy. This is a great way to start manifesting positive things into your life.

While some music makes us feel happy, others can make us nostalgic, and sometimes sad. The style of music we listen to has an impact on us too. It can make us feel more energetic or relaxed. Or, it can make you sad and worried.

Since music has a significant impact on our emotions and thoughts, you should choose to listen to good and powerful music while manifesting.

What songs to listen to while manifesting?

Don’t make your music selection too complicated.

You can use a single track of music, or choose a playlist of your favorite music. It’s best to use the same music every time you listen to it. Every time you listen to music, your brain will generate endorphins and dopamine. But you need to listen to the same song in order to get the same results.

Pro Tips: When visualizing or watching mind movie, listen to your favorite music, preferably instrumental version as lyrics can interfere in the process of visualization.

After doing this for enough time, you’ll make association between music and visualization. That means whenever you listen to that piece of music, image that you were imagining while doing visualization will come in your mind without any effort. 

Now, whenever you listen to music, you start to visualize your desire simulataneously. This method is very powerful, try it for faster manifestation result.


Good and powerful music evokes positive emotions and thoughts and it will definitely help in the manifestation process.

Listen to high vibration music for a shift in mindset and energy while using the law of attraction. A piece of good music acts as a catalyst. So, listen to them while manifesting.

You can also listen to subliminal or binaural music. They will make your manifestation journey if you use them while manifesting.

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