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How To Contribute To Our Free Library

Insight Timer is the world’s largest free meditation app with a library that anyone can access via the app our our website. This is thanks to our wonderful and diverse teacher community and we are deeply grateful for every teacher who contributes by offering their teachings and sharing their knowledge.

Uploading a track to the library is easy and we have created this article to show you how to best get started.

Before we dive deeper into this, we would like to remind you of our Community Guidelines. Please keep these in mind when getting creative and producing content to share.

Free tracks that are published in our library could be anything from guided meditations, talks, music, poems or podcasts. We recommend choosing a relevant and unambiguous title for your tracks so that it becomes easier for students to find your content when using the search function.

We pay our teachers for contributing to the free library by allocating a percentage of the teacher revenue to this product. We pay by play count, which means the more often your content is played, the higher your income will be. If you are unsure how to encourage students to listen to your content, we recommend checking out this article about successfully sharing your content. Additionally, you can also earn income from your tracks if students decide to donate to you after listening and connecting with your content.

How To Upload Single Tracks

To start uploading content, log into your Teacher Dashboard and find the Audio tab on the left hand side. This is where you can also get insight into how your other tracks are performing on the app.

Click Create a track on the screen and start following the creation flow. Ensure your file is a MP3 file because all our tracks are audio only at this point. Tag your content with relevant tags, so that it becomes easier for students to find what they are looking for.

Top: Find and click on the ‘Create a track’
Bottom: Follow the creation flow and hit ‘Submit’ when you are ready for our team to review your content

Once you have created your new track, hit Submit. Now our team will review and approve your content within 72 hours and you will be notified once it is published on the app.

This is the time for you to promote your content both within the app as well as on your external channels, like social media profiles or email newsletters.

We hope this article helps you get started with uploading free tracks. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions via

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