Month: July 2022

Emily Baker is an aromatherapist, reflexologist, spiritual medium, and psychic artist, she is also the creator of Perceptionary Cards used for psychic readings and personal development. In this interview Emily tells MysticMag about her spiritual awakening, how she integrates her complementary therapies as a spiritual medium and insights into her self-care routines. Could you share
The goddess Freya is the most important goddess in Nordic mythology and in the life of the Vikings. Freya, the name itself flows easily from the lips of the Arians, sinks into antiquity, and is deeply imprinted in the early beginnings of our genetic memory. Indeed, the ancient, voluptuous seductress, Freya of Vanir, taught Father
Boat Pose, known also by its Sanskrit name Paripurna Navasana, is a pose that adapts well to both new and experienced yoga practitioners. It draws on a combination of strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus so is a great choice to include in your regular yoga practice. Benefits of Boat Pose Boat Pose helps to
Illustration via 99designs “Poker is about maximizing deceptiveness while extracting information out of your opponent.” — Liv Boeree Liv Boeree (@Liv_Boeree) is one of the UK’s most successful poker players, winning both European Poker Tour and World Series of Poker championship titles during her professional career. Before poker she studied astrophysics and now focuses her
Illustration via 99designs “I constantly tell the people in my lab and other scientists, ‘You’ve got to do the experiment.’ You cannot go into it thinking that you know the answer and not do the experiment because your dogmatic belief says, ‘This is how it’s going to work.’ You’ve got to do the experiment.” —
In this article, we will share best practices on how you can propose and upload audio courses to Insight Timer and share your wisdom and teachings with our community. What are Audio Courses? Audio courses are our premium offering that sits behind a paywall. They are available to our subscribers, or to students who have
Main symbol: Eye of Horus Element: Fire Planets: Sun and Moon Spirit Animal: Falcon, Hawk Mental qualities: Insight, Clarity, Decisiveness Virtues: Temperance, Calmness, Perseverance The Origins of Horus Worship Probably, there is not a single person who has not heard about the amazing architecture and rich mythology of Ancient Egypt. The level of their culture
The Healing Role of Forgiveness In a busy life, we will be involved in many situations that provoke our annoyance and frustration. Unless we can respond to most of these occasions with tolerance and forgiveness, we can gradually become overwhelmed by the slow accumulations of resentment and discouragement. This burden of this emotional baggage of
Conscious creators know we get what we vibrate. That’s the heart of law of attraction: what we offer is what we’re getting back. That means that whatever we think about, talk about, and observe is what manifests in our reality. Universe (aka the matrix, the field, Source, or whatever you call powers that be) returns
Maid4Luv, a Caribbean Empress with a passion for love, is a twinflame committed to supporting other twinflames on their soul path. In this interview, Maid4Luv shares insights with MysticMag about her spiritual journey, how you would know if you have found your twinflame, and the importance of understanding our past lives. Could you tell us
यंत्र साधना विज्ञान : अंधविश्वास या वैज्ञानिक आधार यंत्र विद्या भी यंत्र साधना  या मंत्र साधना का ही एक अभिन्न अंग माना गया है। मंत्र और तंत्र विद्या का एक अभिन्न अंग हैं  – मंत्र,  यंत्र और देवता तीनों एक दूसरे से संबंध रखते हैं । यंत्र की रचना, रेखाओं का मिलान, बीज अक्षर और