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The Secrets of Number 13 and Sacred Geometry

In our Numerology blog we’ve explained how Numbers are connected to Sacred Geometry.
We’ve mainly talked about the magical Number 9. But we haven’t brought the Secrets of Number 13 to light.

So that’s what we’ll do in this blog.
Let’s dive in!

Number 13 and Bad luck

Most people know number 13 as the number of bad luck, especially on Fridays. Some even fear the Number 13.
Even more so, in Vancouver, buildings with more than 12 floors, skipped the 13th floor and jumped right to the 14th floor. Just to avoid bad luck.

The question is where this “myth” originated from and why it was brought into this world.

The Myth of Number 13

So where does Number 13 get its bad name from?
As it turns out, it got its bad name most likely due to the Bible. So what happened there?

According to the Bible, during the Last Supper, 13 guests attended; Jesus and his 12 apostles.
One of them betrayed Jesus.
The next day, on Friday, Jesus got Crucified.

Thus the myth was born; having 13 guests at a table is a bad omen.
But there’s more to Number 13 and the Church.

Like we’ve read in the blog of Mary Magdalene, they were afraid of the true power of women.
So afraid, they even started Witch Hunts on women who were using their Sacred Feminine Energies.

The power of Number 13

So what is the Power of Number 13? Why the distraction and fear around this number?
Because the true meaning of Number 13 is that it’s a Sacred Feminine number.
And here’s why.

Fruit of Life

Like we’ve mentioned in our Sacred Geometry Blog, curves and circles are connected to Feminine energies and straight lines are connected to Masculine energies.

The Fruit of Life consists of 13 circles, which is the predecessor of Metatron’s Cube (Male and Female energies combined).
Since Metatron’s Cube plays a very important role in the creation of our Universe, you could basically see the Fruit of Life as the Womb of the Universe.

Fruit of Life


Another connection to Sacred Geometry is the famous dance of Venus and Earth around the Sun.
Venus is known to be connected to Feminine energies and Mars with Masculine energies.

Once in every 8 years, Venus and Earth create a 5 pointed star formation known as the Rose of Venus.
If we add up these numbers, we get Number 13; 8 + 5 = 13.

In addition, if you convert the 8 (Earth) years to Venusian years (amount of years on Venus), it is equal to 13 Venusian years.
This is because Venus’ orbit is smaller than that of Earth.

Rose of Venus

Our Moon

Now that we’re mentioning planets, our Moon is also connected to Number 13.
On Earth, we have 13 full moons in a year. Coincidentally, women have 13 menstrual cycles in a year.

Even more so, according to scientists, women are at their most fertile during the full moon.

Also the Ancient Greeks saw the connection between women and the Moon. They’ve connected the energies of our Moon with the Greek Goddess Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon. She symbolizes Femininity and Strength.

So you could say that the Creational Power of the Womb is connected to the energies of our Moon and Number 13.

Woman and the Moon - Seed of Life and Number 13

Sacred Geometry and Number 13

Of course, we’ve already mentioned the Fruit of Life and the Rose of Venus. But Number 13 can also be found in other parts of Sacred Geometry. These occurrences might just be coincidences or maybe unrelated, but it is still worth mentioning.

Fibonacci Sequence

We’ve mentioned the Fibonacci Sequence in our Numerology blog and the basics of what Sacred Geometry is.
Number 13 is part of the Fibonacci Sequence, a sequence of numbers that you can find throughout Nature and the Universe.

If you haven’t heard of this magical phenomenon, you should definitely look into this.

Archimedean Solids

Like we’ve mentioned above, the Fruit of Life is the predecessor of Metatron’s Cube.
From the Metatron’s Cube, we can create the Platonic Solids. The Platonic Solids are 5 unique shapes, which are the most basic building blocks of our physical reality.

But we can go one step further and create the Archimedean Solids from the Platonic Solids.
Only 13 unique new shapes can be created from the Platonic Solids.


As it turns out, Number 13 is nothing to be afraid of.
Even better, it is something to be embraced!

Number 13 symbolizes Sacred Feminine Energies, which was feared by the Church back in the days (or maybe still is).
In addition, Number 13 is a Creational and Transformational energy which you can use in many ways to empower yourself on your Amazing Spiritual Journey.

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