Law of Attraction

Getting the True Desire

Often my podcasts include examples of LOA lessons I’m still learning myself, and the most recent one is no exception …

In this episode I shared how I consciously called in an abundance of water as we began yet another year of extreme drought conditions, and how my property has been deluged with water ever since.

(Not the whole area, not even my immediate neighbors, just me. It’s been a really interesting confluence of water sources keeping things super hydrated at my place!)

Anyway, it made me wonder about how much water is too much water, and could the same thing apply to money, and more than anything it made me realize that an abundance of water was not what I really wanted

What I wanted was for nature, for my yard, for all the animals to thrive. And the only reason I wanted that was so that I could feel good. So the gist of that episode was to be sure to include the true desire in your manifesting target, because I’m sitting in a lawn with mushrooms in it during a supposed extreme drought without having put any energy into my true core desire.

Since I am so willing to call myself out when I see where my manifesting game has room for improvement, it feels appropriate that I also give myself credit where I’m making progress, which happened today …

On the way back from this morning’s dog walk, I saw campaign signs for one of my favorite people in this community and remembered that today is voting day. Someone early on had said my favorite person/candidate has no real chance of winning. (“It would be a miracle,” she said, in a tone meant to impart don’t get your hopes up because it’s not happening.)

But I’m a master manifestor, so instead of focusing on “not likely, little chance” I started a mini-chant of success for my favorite girl.

After about three rounds of practicing what it felt like to be celebrating her win, I remembered – wait, that’s not my true desire.

The only reason I’d love to see her win the seat is because I believe she’ll be a positive force for good in our local community. But it doesn’t have to be her, Universe. I’m open! I can turn the details over to Universe and use my powers on what counts. What is that? What is it I really want, when all is said and done?

What I really want is … and this is where we each get to fill in the blank for ourselves, and to realize that THIS is where our power lies! To focus on what we really want at the very essence, not on the details we think are required in order to get there.

Because focusing on the “hows” is stepping on Universe’s toes. No one does that job better than Source. Leave that part to the experts, Jeannette.

What I really want is harmony, respect for nature and each other, enjoyment of life and this beautiful paradise we live in – and ultimately to just feel appreciation and love … and that does not rely on today’s election results.

Look at me, I’m getting it right this time! 🙂

When I focus on what matters my vibration rises to that ultimate outcome, which makes it easy for it to unfold in the easiest way. (Which could very likely be different than the path I had in mind.)

Also, there’s a really cool thing that happens when we release attachment to the unimportant details … we make it even easier for good things to happen because we’re not holding any attachment (i.e. flowing resistance). It’s a win-win!

So, enjoying this beautiful area, appreciating all it offers, feeling the love and harmony with each other and nature – that’s right up my alley. I know how to do that today even.

And that’s getting to the heart of my desire. 🙂

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