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Energy healing modalities and a life-changing experience with Betsy Lambert

This week we talked with Betsy Lambert, an alternative healer and emotional health coach with a diverse set of knowledge and modalities to help her clients. Check out the interview to know more about Betsy, including a life-changing experience that later presented her to energy healing.

You went through an interesting life-changing experience. Please share it with our audience.

On November 22, 1993 at about seven o’clock at night, I was driving through a residential street in Charlotte, North Carolina, to go to the gym. Woods were on my right and a curve was coming up. I was alone but I heard a voice distinctly saying, “You are completely at peace.” Immediately chills went up my body from my toes to the top of my head and I was completely immobilized.

Just at that moment, I saw headlights weaving around the curve and headed straight for me. I couldn’t put my foot on the brake, so when the car finally hit me head-on, it was going about 50 miles an hour and I was going about 30 mph. I only had 20 feet of skid marks because that’s what it took to stop once the impact occurred.

I was in a van and the other driver, who was killed instantly, was in a compact car. The impact spun me around as I blacked-out and rolled backwards into the woods. The engine block pinned my legs to my seat and my right wrist was broken in half. I was completely lucid during the hour and a half it took for the Jaws of Life put a chain around the engine block and pull it off of me. The pain was so intense that I didn’t know if my legs were intact or not.

The person behind me who witnessed the whole thing turned out to be a physical therapist at the trauma hospital where I was taken to repair both of my knees and my right wrist. The next morning, he came to see me and I told him my story. He told me that if I hadn’t been completely limp, I would probably have been much more badly injured or possibly even killed. With only my left arm uninjured, it took me many months to get back to where I could teach my legs to walk again and use my right arm and frozen wrist.

After about a year, I was able to walk fairly normally, but my severely damaged left knee was hurting a lot so I tried acupuncture because I didn’t want to go back in for more surgery–I just wanted to get rid of the pain. That was my first experience with energy healing.

Acupuncture has been practiced in the Far East for thousands of years and is now gaining more acceptance in the West. It was a transformational experience because it allowed me to feel my energy moving for the first time. This prepared me for my Reiki attunement, which I mainly used to heal myself. I also learned several other modalities over the ensuing years until I became a Quantum-Touch® practitioner in 2008 and subsequently an instructor.

One of my Quantum-Touch students introduced me to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code® and I went on to learn how to use its companion, The Body Code®, both of which I practice now. I still use Quantum-Touch for hands-on healing, acute pain and swelling or on bones that need to be adjusted, but I primarily use The Body Code for distance healing.

Can you explain to us what is distance healing?

Hands-on healing using Reiki and Quantum-Touch is very effective, but in today’s world I have found that it is more efficient to do them and The Body Code working over the phone.

The Universe is entirely made of energy, which exists outside of time and space. Everything that an energy healer does, whether it is hands-on or at a distance, can have a profound effect on their clients’ energetic systems as long as there’s focused intent by the energy healer and acceptance by the recipient. Since I connect with my clients at the Astral or Emotional energy body level, they report that they can feel the energy I send them no matter where they are, whether it’s in the same room or across the continent. All energy healing modalities that I use can be sent and received the same way.

What are the most common issues brought in by clients?

People who need what I have to offer seem to be drawn to or are referred to my web page. I work with a lot of folks who have joint and muscle discomfort as well as anxiety and a host of other discomforts. Often, it’s a condition their doctors can’t locate or treat with standard medical methods. Only the person having it can measure their own discomfort, which we consider to be the result of energetic blockages that don’t allow energy and, consequently, blood to flow as freely as needed so the body can heal its own inflamed or damaged tissues.

I am working now with several clients who have severe discomfort on their lower legs and feet. They are getting significant relief as we uncover and permanently remove the trapped emotions and negative thought patterns that are blocking the energy flow to their lower limbs. I have found that virtually every client reports at least some relief from discomfort after receiving The Body Code and that Quantum-Touch can be used anytime to replace the negative emotional energy we’ve released.

The important thing is that medicinal pain relievers are designed to mask pain, but energy work can permanently remove the source of someone’s discomfort so that any medical treatments or prescription drugs can work more effectively or even become unnecessary.

What is the Quantum-Touch®?

Quantum-Touch is a healing technique that is based upon a simple series of breathing and body awareness exercises that help the practitioner focus and amplify life-force energy. Designed to awaken a client’s biological intelligence, the practitioner holds a high vibrational field of life-force energy around an affected area so that the client’s own body can do whatever healing is necessary. As the energy flows, the blood follows. When there’s an energetic blockage, there can also be a reduced blood supply like a dam in a person’s energetic system. If energy can’t flow where the body needs it to go, all kinds of physical problems often follow. I am merely a facilitator and practitioner helping my clients heal themselves.

Do you believe your alternative methods are complementary to the traditional approach to medical treatment? Is it a substitute?

Alternative healing is totally complementary. I support my clients’ medical teams and never discourage them from receiving any medical treatment they may need or wish to have, but it’s up to them to make those decisions.

My whole purpose when working with my clients is to help them build up their own immune systems by helping their bodies’ organs, tissues and glands work as our Creator intended. Western medicine is wonderfully developed to treat symptoms, but it is not focused on healing root causes.

Energy medicine’s focus is to heal people at their energetic source and facilitate medical treatment to do whatever it is supposed to do. Surgery or drug treatment may be necessary, but, in the end, patients are the only ones who can heal themselves.

I saw on your website that you are an author of a book – “Women Living On Purpose”. Can you tell us about it?

The book was released in June 2021 and became an Amazon International Best Seller. I was asked to be one of its 20 contributing authors to explain how my near-death experience changed my life, leading me to become an energy healer and eventually discover that I am also a poet. I hope my story will inspire others.

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