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Benefits of Biomagnetism with Susan Saloom

Susan Saloom from Natural Healing & Biomagnetism is a Reiki & Seichem Master/Teacher who has been an energy healer for over 20 years, trained in Biomagnetism, EFT ‘Tapping’ and Meditation. In this interview, Susan tells MysticMag about her journey with insights into the practice of Biomagnetism and benefits with key advice to develop and maintain a positive balance.

Could you tell us a bit about your journey and what drew you to natural healing?

I was born a ‘sensitive’ and always felt uncomfortable in the conventional way of things but ‘luckily’ our neighbour was a spiritualist medium and she became my soulmate, my second mum.

I frequently suffered tummy pain as a child and I guess I learned to live with it over the years. I was coeliac but it wasn’t recognised back then. In my forties, the tummy pain reached a point that stopped me in my successful, corporate, globe-trekking tracks! Unfortunately, the hospital diagnosis was not fortuitous and I was offered surgery and a lifetime of meds but my intuition encouraged me to look for another way. So I began to learn about holistic medicine, metaphysical healing and the effects our emotional wellbeing and the environment has on our physical health. I healed myself through lifestyle changes, metaphysics and meditation, without any medication at all.

Thankfully, over 20 years later, I’m very healthy, free from a killer condition, and able to help others. I continue to learn and in more recent years I have added Biomagnetism to my skill base – a truly amazing therapy which I apply to myself whenever I need to. Everyone can heal, I have no unique superpower, what I have you have.

Apart from Reiki healing, you specialise in Biomagnetism. What exactly does that entail?

Dr Isaac Goiz of Mexico discovered Biomagnetic Pair Therapy in 1988. Pairs of strong, dual polarity magnets are used to find imbalances in the body, break acid/alkaline magnetic fields that have formed, and restore neutral pH. This helps the body to eliminate any overgrowth of pathogens – viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites which can easily favour acid or alkaline conditions. Most cancer sufferers, for example, have highly acidic inner terrain. Our bodies are made up of microorganisms, all working symbiotically but our lifestyles can knock us out of balance from stress, trauma, environment, food and so on and that’s when a particular pathogen may become opportunistic and cause health problems.

Biomagnetism uses kinesiology (muscle testing) in order to find imbalances in the body. During a session I will ask the client to lie on the treatment couch and I will hold their feet and literally talk to their body, following a body map which begins at the Crown and works down through the body to the feet. We call this a scan. I can say the points out loud or in my head, it doesn’t matter, but when I call a point that has an imbalance, the client’s right leg will shorten or lengthen. I will often find several or indeed many imbalances from a first scan.

I can also take a quantum physical approach to this and do a treatment remotely, using myself as a surrogate for the client. Not everybody can accept this way of thinking, understandably, but it does work exceptionally well. I recently did a remote treatment for a client in Sweden who reported significant results.

Magnets are generally left in place for half an hour or longer and it’s not unusual to hear the body gurgling as energy begins to shift. That’s especially noticeable with tummy conditions. I often give the client Reiki healing and chakra balancing whilst the magnets are in place so it’s a deeply relaxing experience (which in itself is curative, given our hectic lifestyles).

The shortening and lengthening of the legs was actually discovered at NASA in the US where Dr Broeringmeyer noticed how astronauts’ legs changed in length when they returned from space. They were given magnetic field treatment to help them recover from what was termed ‘space sickness’. Dr Goiz took it much further and developed body maps and a database of Biomagnetic Pairs to help heal many conditions.

Natural Healing & Biomagnetism

What issues can Biomagnetism address?

In Dr Goiz’s view and in the view of many practitioners around the world, including me, Biomagnetism can help with any condition you care to name – physically and emotionally. It’s a relatively new therapy but healing with magnets is not – all the Ancient cultures used magnets to heal. Allegedly, Cleopatra always slept with a magnet under her pillow to retain her youth and beauty. The body is a miraculous machine and is designed to continually renew itself. Unfortunately, emotional upset and external influences can affect it’s function and create acid and alkaline points and unwanted magnetic fields within the body which do us harm. Homeostasis requires a neutral pH. We often think of gardens in terms of pH, certain things will only grow in acid soil, some in alkaline soil but the most fruitful and varied garden will have a neutral pH.

You also work with children. How can energy healing be beneficial?

Children just get it, they love energy, crystals, magnets, tapping. It’s very easy for them to understand and they are blessed with open minds that are yet to learn and develop limiting beliefs. Children automatically think positively and embrace energy because that is their nature. If they show signs of being down or troubled, it’s likely to be learned behaviour. Similarly, physical problems may have begun prenatal or be due to environmental factors of some kind.

I always speak to the child directly because all too often they are talked about, not directly to and this can be very disempowering for a child. They like telling me how they are feeling and are mostly happy to get up on the treatment couch and let me scan them if we are working with magnets.

Older children may not want to lie still long enough to enjoy Reiki but babies and pregnant mums love it. Pregnancy can be filled with fear, birth pain is expected, and delivery rooms can literally be violent. I question this, was it always thus? No, not in some cultures. In my experience, pregnant women who have regular Reiki sessions have a much happier pregnancies and Reiki babies often come into the world more easily. My own grandson is a perfect example.

Do you have any personal routines for self care to conserve and protect your own energy?

Meditation, Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), self Reiki, Angelic invocation, being in nature and & eating organic food are all part of my everyday, it’s a way of life for me. I’m also fortunate enough to have friends and colleagues who share my beliefs and we support and encourage each other. I believe that our human mantle is simply that, a heavy coat to take off regularly, if only in visualisation! In Universal truth, we are pure and perfect. I remind myself of that daily and as I work healing the energy of others, I also heal myself, we are all connected.

Lastly, what advice would you give to someone trying to develop and maintain a positive balance?

Be aware of your thoughts and aim to take the time to think consciously when all around you is designed to stop you from thinking! We run on automatic much of the time, using programmes and beliefs in our subconcious minds which can be ours, can be old and outdated, can even be somebody elses – parents, friends, teachers, media….

So take the time to think about what you want, what you believe in, what you don’t believe in, what makes you happy, what makes you feel good, what you love. Make time and space to think and, equally, make time to be free of thought. Spend time in daily meditation – whether that be in a yoga pose or losing yourself in a something you enjoy – that’s when the magic happens, the mind quietens and spiritual energy and ideas are free to flow.

Breathe deeply, enjoy nature, get your bare feet on the ground regularly and find something or someone to love unconditionally. Surround yourself with people who want the best for you and finally, give of yourself – it generates the flow of abundance, which in Universal truth is limitless.

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