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Fun Ideas for Any Kid at Home this Summer

Will your kids be home this summer? Does your child get bored easily? Having nothing to do can cause kids to get listless and even depressed. Fortunately, there are tons of fun, exciting (and dare we say, even educational) activities your kids can use to liven up their days at home. Janice Russell of shares a few ideas below:

Arts & Learning

Take advantage of the fact that kids are naturally attracted to making art and learning by always having projects ready to go. Little do the kids know that, while they’re having fun creating, their little brains are growing by leaps and bounds.

Physical and Mental Health

Many activities for in-home fun play double duty: The kids are occupied and their physical and mental wellness are optimized creatively by doing things like playing games. Human Design Generator and Manifesting Generator kids in particular need to move a lot every day or they may not sleep as well at night.


There’s nothing quite like science to merge fun with learning. The possibilities of teaching kids science — from the basics to more complex ideas — in and around the home are virtually endless.

By finding outlets for your children’s excess energy, you can make their time at home much easier on them. Remember: This is a big upheaval for them as much as it is for you. Embracing the new normal and figuring out how to make it positive is an absolute must for preserving your family’s emotional well-being.

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