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Wholeness and Health with Rose Energy Quantum Healing

Aurélie Meneau from Rose Energy Quantum Healing is an accredited Energy Medicine Practitioner and intuitive who facilitates the well-being of others while raising awareness about quantum healing. In this interview Aurélie tells MysticMag about her professional journey with insights to the Emotion Code and Body Code practice.

Could you tell us a bit about your journey and when your inspiration for helping and healing others began?

I’ve been a nurturer, an intuitive helper and a guide to people around me since I can remember, but these were soul qualities that were pretty much untapped in my former career as a corporate physicist. A little over 5 years ago, my disconnected worldview shifted to that of a fully interconnected, cooperative Universe through a time of personal crisis – a messy life refiner that stripped me of my ego-built identity, of misaligned beliefs and attachments, and that came in to crack my heart wide open. This was when I woke up to the energy world, to the fact that there is more to life and to this reality than we perceive and acknowledge. This was when I heard the calling within too, and decided to answer it. So I let go of the 9-to-5, of my career as a Cambridge-trained nanotechnologist and endeavoured to take my power back, to learn to self-care and heal my deepest wounds. I came across the Emotion Code/ Body Code early 2019 which profoundly resonated within. and began using it on myself, friends and family with profound results. I certified later that year, and launched my healing practice immediately after. In the Fall of 2020 I then began working with Star Magic healing frequencies and holograms, to go deeper with my clients and re-configure their system at the very core. I went on to certify as a Star Magic healing Facilitator in the spring of 2021, running since my distant quantum healing practice from the Algarve, Portugal. Today, I facilitate healing sessions and raise awareness about quantum physics and its relation to health, wellbeing and performance as my second, full time career and mission. I provide a gateway through which families and pets can retrieve wholeness and health the drug-free way, and I am proud to do so by bridging frontier science, feminine heart-centeredness and two of the planet’s most powerful energy healing ways I know.


What drew you to the Emotion Code and Body Code practice as a healing therapy?

I was drawn by resonance (synchronistically first, then by feeling the tangible familiarity, like I had done this before), and at the level of mind, by its simplicity too. I liked how the author Dr Bradley Nelson had chosen to empower people to self-heal with an uncomplicated, effortless yet powerful tool, that is also easy to take up and adopt on the daily. It’s been a game changer for me in terms of emotional regulation and processing!

What are some of the main causes of trapped emotions?

Trapped emotions are part of our individual body consciousness and cellular memory. As discrete, emotional energies lodged in our body tissues, in our bones, organs and glands, they may either be passed down from the ancestral line through our DNA, at the moment of conception ; they may be baggage we carry from personal, “past” soul incarnations or timelines (which are really parallel lives and realities in the quantum field) ; they may also be energies we absorb from others in our present physical spaces, when unconsciously we seek to help and take their burden on. But perhaps more commonly, trapped emotions can be frequencies that have become stuck in our systems from experiencing everyday life’s challenges and renewal cycles. When one moves through times of emotional turmoil and the body is unable to process the energy in the instant, when one resists feeling an emotion, represses it or if the mind holds on too tightly, then this energy can literally drop into our bioenergy fields and get stored as information into our cells. Trapped emotions literally take up space in our energy fields, and they always create distortion and imbalances at some level (affecting the reality field that we co-create and live in), if not blocking the flow of energy entirely.

What illnesses are most likely to be caused or exacerbated by trapped emotions?

Trapped emotions and negative trauma imprints have been reported to be a contributing factor, if not the entire root cause, of a plethora of bodily symptomatic expressions. From digestive troubles to chronic fatigue, from learning difficulties to troubles sleeping, from money issues to phobias, from weight issues to lack of confidence and more, it is also my belief as a therapist that all symptomatic imbalances we are suffering from in the present moment are the physical manifestation of unprocessed, trapped emotional energies and other adverse frequencies/ vibrational patterns stagnant within the mind-body complex. Trapped emotions affect our healthy cells by causing them to enter into an abnormal resonance or frequency pattern with them, but they impact the mind and our thoughts too, which are very intimately connected to disease and to whether the body can self-heal at its full capacity. It is therefore all connected in my opinion – whether one is dealing with bursts of mental illness or a full blown, diagnosed physical ailment, trapped emotions will always be present at the root point of creation.

Lastly, what are some simple steps people can take to address these root causes to live healthier, happier lives?

I believe that people wishing to lead healthier, more aligned lives must begin by developing a close, intimate relationship with their physical bodies. To listen and act upon to its messages and signals, communicated to us on the daily through emotions, thoughts and symptoms. The body holds a wisdom that is very profound to connect to, but still so taken for granted! I would start by nourishing and talking to your cells like the most precious and miraculous thing you’ll ever have, and watch your subconscious/ intuition kick in and provide you with the answers you have been seeking all along. A need for a massage, for a supplement, to detox, to let go of a relationship, of guilt, or a workplace? It naturally takes practice and focused intent to begin to hear and trust what the body is saying, but aligning with its needs is one of the most profound things I find one can ever do for their health and happiness.

Whilst this develops I of course encourage a very holistic approach to supporting the body, with positive self-talk and a willingness in the head and heart to get better, with daily movement that feels good and sparks joy, with a diet conducive to cellular detoxification and regeneration, with daily time in nature, and by creating a (self-) loving environment to operate in as much as possible. I also encourage people to soften into and embrace the ebbs and flows of their humanness, to know that it is safe to feel, accept and send love to every emotion that arises, so it can flow unhampered out of the body and not get stuck. To release past emotional baggage with a strong support network also (whether it takes the form of journalling, meditation, breathwork, a talk with a friend or deep psyche work with a therapist), and finally, to know that they have the power to re-write the past by choosing new perspectives and a new, more positive timeline in every now moment. We are quantum by nature, with more power to shift the very foundations of our biology than we once believed. It’s time the world at large knew this!

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