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Tapping into Intuition – Lynn A. Robinson

We had the opportunity and privilege to talk with Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed. an international expert on intuition. Lynn is a best-selling author and motivational speaker. Her most recent books are  Put Your Intuition to Work and Divine Intuition.

How would you define an Intuitive Advisor to our readers, and what is your definition of Intuition, first and foremost?

I believe we’re all born with the gift of intuition. It’s our built-in inner guidance system. It communicates through feelings, an inner voice, dreams, synchronicities and “knowings.” It’s there to guide us to use our passion and talents and always towards success and greater happiness.

I love doing intuitive readings. Clients call when they’re in the midst of change, transition and/or trying to figure out their next steps. Sometimes we have a sense of something we want to create in our lives…a thriving business, a loving partnership, or perhaps a global adventure. I work with everyone from CEOs to successful entrepreneurs to ordinary people who simply feel compelled to act on something bigger in their lives. I use my inner guidance to help them find the answers to their larger vision and their next steps.

I have often joked that it would be wonderful to arrive in this world with an instruction manual that gives step-by-step directions for living a full and happy life, as well as for succeeding in business. Through the years, I have come to understand we do, in fact, receive this guidance. We are hard-wired for this source of wisdom through our intuition. Sometimes we need a little extra help to learn how to access it and use it. That’s what I’m here for! 

Did you always believe your life would take this direction?

I just celebrated my 35th year of providing intuitive readings! Little did I know when I began my fledgling business that it would result in writing seven books and traveling internationally to teach seminars on intuition. I’m very proud of my most recent books “Put Your Intuition to Work” and “Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity.”

That said, I’ve always been someone who dreams big. Even as a teenager I was fascinated by spirituality and metaphysics and was sought after as a counselor among my peers. When I was about sixteen, I had my first experience with hearing my spirit guide communicate with me directly. She simply said, “Lynn, it’s important for you to take risks in your life. Stretch beyond your comfort zone. That will lead to your success.” I’m so glad I followed her advice!

Do you believe our intrinsic or innate intuitive nature has been swept under the rug due to upbringing, limited beliefs etc…?

I definitely believe intuition is something we are all born with. However, people often get scared about trusting it. As I mentioned in the advice my spirit guide gave me, intuitive guidance often moves you out of your comfort zone. I almost always feel at least a little anxious when doing something new and different!

When you’re in a big transition in your life, it’s all too easy to get caught up in your fears and anxieties. This panic and alarm are often the result of habitual negative self-talk. One of my skills as an intuitive is to help you turn this around to enable you to see the big picture. What’s standing in your way? What end result would you like to see? What are some tools and techniques to get there? My insight can definitely help.

In your experience, how have people been transformed in the professional arena after working with you?

I’ve collected a lot of testimonials from clients over the years. Many of them are on my website (Lots of great articles about developing your intuition, too!) The most frequent comment I hear is that I’m “spot on!” Clients report that the intuitive sessions give them much greater clarity and also confidence about their next steps in their life. 

How do you approach intuition with your clients and what can they expect to walk away with?

All of my sessions are by Zoom or phone. I ask clients to have questions prepared before the session. I receive guidance for them through feelings, images, an inner voice and impressions. Also, my spirit guides weigh in frequently with advice and counsel.

I don’t believe that everything is fated and pre-determined. We create much of our life experience through our thoughts, beliefs and actions we take. That determines our future! I want to help my clients make their lives as fun, enjoyable, abundant and joy-filled as possible.

What’s rewarding for me is having a client return after a year or more and tell me that my insight helped them change their career or made a positive change in their relationship or some other goals that they’d been struggling with. I appreciate the trust they put in me to talk about their challenges in life. 

A client may be feeling stuck but there IS a way out. I use my intuitive guidance to see what may be keeping them in that rut, and also to give them actionable next steps to find clarity, abundance and purpose.

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