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Chrissy on Mediumship

Chrissy Masterson is a Psychic Medium, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Card Reader & Reiki Biofield Tuning Healer. She reveals some of her insights into the world of Mediumship.

How were you first drawn to Mediumship and how did it change your outlook on life?

The first experience I had with death was when my grandmother passed away. I was living with her at the time, and she came to visit me the day after she passed. This was the first experience with Mediumship that I can remember.
It changed my life. This is how I came to view death – a follow on from what we already knew. I knew that my grandmother (and others) were fine and the relationship never ceased to exist. My grandmother was eternally present in my life. I then knew that I need never be afraid of losing somebody completely, in fact, I was more afraid of what I couldn’t see than of what I could. My mom came back to take care of me when I needed her, and this somehow alleviated the trauma of her dying – it was huge.
I could see Spirit, in the form of full apparitions, throughout my life, but as I got older this transitioned more into feelings and knowing.

Would you describe Mediumship to be a certain form of healing?

Definitely, very healing. I have been practicing Mediumship for years and I have my own private practice. One story that springs to mind is of one night where I felt extremely panicky and anxious – and for no apparent reason. I tried to rationalize, calm myself down and went back to bed.
The next day, I was at my office and a beautiful mother walked in. I knew instantly that this had been the lady’s presence that I had felt the night before. What I had felt was what she felt every single day. She had lost a child.
I knew I needed to help her to NEVER feel that way again. She needed to know and feel what I had known and felt for all those years since the passing of my mother – that life continued in some way. After our session, the calm and relief that came over this woman was incredible. This is testimony to the healing qualities that Mediumship can bring.

Why does one usually opt for a house clearing – and does smudging not do the trick?

Many people get caught up believing they have a negative or a Spirit being in their house. Usually it is somebody that they know but sometimes it can be a previous landowner or tenant. Smudging is usually used to shift energy – our own energy. Energy takes on a negative or positive shift depending on circumstances within a given house/environment, and the smudging is about shifting the energy of the house and the people within.
A house clearing is more about letting people know who is there and why. Usually when people find out who is there, they are more than happy for them to stay (a protective landowner, a loving grandmother…). Sometimes it is about simply finding harmony between the physical and spiritual planes and making sure that all parties are happy.

What can you tell us about the Red Tent Sisterhood?

Years ago I watched the movie The Red Tent, and read the book. I absolutely loved them. Women definitely need a community. We are so busy running the home, raising the kids and working…and we do all of this alone. Years ago, in biblical times, women lived in a community.
I adapted my Red Tent a little more on the spiritual and metaphysical side to others that are out there. We get together once a month (for free). Women come and we meditate together, talk about astrology and other topics of relevance. They realize they are not alone, that they are always enough and that they are empowered just as they are.

What would you describe to be the most rewarding part of your work?

There are a lot of people out there who experience something tragic, emotional or other, and they lose touch or faith in being connected to something bigger or more. When they come to me for mediumship or a psychic healing and we reconnect some of those threads, they can leave feeling that they are part of something, that they are not forgotten by the Universe, that their feelings are valid, and they know that they HAVE a future.
When people leave with a little hope in their hearts, this is the most rewarding part of what I do, and is probably the reason for why I do what I do out in the public versus just for family.

One of my favorite inspirations or goals is working with younger people who are waking up and owning their spirituality and letting it trickle down unto the next generation. I absolutely love mentoring this younger generation and helping them open up to their spirituality and bring it into their future.

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