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Manifest College Acceptance: Study in Your Dream College (Success Story)

Most of us have a dream college or school where we want to study. But not all of us get a chance to study in our dream college.

Maybe getting into a dream college is tough. Perhaps it is unaffordable. Maybe your scores are not excellent enough to fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Tough these statements might seem reasonable, you can still manifest college acceptance and study in your dream college against all odds.

In this post, you’ll learn how to manifest college acceptance using the law of attraction. You’ll also discover the dream college manifestation success story below. So keep reading.

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How to manifest college acceptance?

Before we get caught up in the process of manifesting college acceptance, let’s find out how Chikki ( a pen name to disguise identity) got into her dream college using the law of attraction.

Dream college manifestation (Success Story)

Chikki, who has never been to a college, was an introvert, shy, and skeptical. Before getting into her dream college, she completed her graduation from an open university.

However, she always dreamt of studying in her dream college. Like many, she also has some doubts about her dream. She thought that getting into her dream college had a very minimum chance, and even if she managed to study there, it would take a long time.

Though she was not confident in her dream, she decided to use the law of attraction to get accepted into her dream college. She took 100 days of affirmations and gratitude challenges.

Every day for 100 days in a row, she chanted affirmation 108 times and scripted it 51 times, and ended her ritual with gratitude and hope.

And then she took the entrance exam.

To her surprise, she scored 97 out of 100 and ranked top three among students. First, she could not believe that she had scored such a high score. She thanks the Universe for helping her to top the entrance exam.

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Not only that, she cracked the interview and secured a full scholarship to study in her dream college. Isn’t it inspiring?

Like Chikki, you can also manifest college acceptance. You can also study in your dream college even if it seems impossible for now.

To manifest college acceptance, learn how to use the law of attraction and what steps you should take to study in a college where you always dreamt of studying.

Here are the steps to manifest college acceptance using the law of attraction:

#1 Set intention

Do you want to get accepted into your dream college or university? The law of attraction can make your dream turns into reality. For this, you have to, first, set an intention.

You can’t just wish to study in a college of your choice. You should badly want to get in it.

In short, you should set a clear and specific goal for your college. Which college do you want to study in? When do you want to get admitted? Which course do you want to pursue in the college?

When you set an intention, doubt may appear in your mind. You may have thought such as:

  • I don’t have enough money to study at my dream college.
  • I am not smart enough to study there.
  • I am low academic performance to get there.

It is normal to have such negative and discouraging thoughts. You need to ignore them. If you give your attention to these thoughts, they will expand and prevent you from reaching your goal.

It is true that you’ve not been accepted into your dream college yet, but you will be in the future. Have faith in the Universe and the law of attraction, and you will surely manifest your dream college.

Now, let’s learn about the law of attraction techniques that can change your mindset and belief system and help in manifesting your dream college or university.

#2 Visualization

When you visualize your dream college frequently, your mind will become like that of a person who has already studied in that college.

And when it does happen, your mind will start to see the opportunities that were hidden before your eyes.

You see, our eyes see what our minds want them to see. Each person has a different view of the world. Some see the world as abundant and beautiful, while others view it as gloomy and cold. It depends on the viewer’s mindset and belief system.

So start visualizing the process of getting into your dream college, studying there, and making friends. Imagine how your day will be when you’re in college.

Visualize as if you’ve already been selected for your dream college and studying there.  This is important to do so. You can’t manifest your dream with fear and doubt in your mind. You should absolutely believe that you’ve already been selected for your dream college.

#3 Affirmations

Next, affirmations are a great way to autosuggest a conscious mind about your goal.

Write positive statements like these and recite them daily with gratitude and positive expectation like Chikki did.

Affirmations to manifest college acceptance and to study in a dream college:

  • I now study in [Your dream college].
  • I am smart.
  • Thank you, Universe! I have been accepted into [Your dream college].
  • I am grateful for being accepted into [Your dream college].

Like these affirmations, you can create your affirmation and use them. Whenever you recite affirmations, recite them with positive feelings and expectations. Again, doubt and fear might come. If it comes, then you know what to do: ignore them.

In addition to that, you can also listen to subliminal, which is a very effective and quick way to program the subconscious mind. Find the safe subliminal channel on YouTube and listen to them frequently.

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#4 Act as if you’re already studying in your dream college

Visualization, affirmation, and listening to subliminal will program your subconscious mind with positive thoughts regarding your goals. But, your job is not finished yet.

Besides practicing different law of attraction techniques, you should also act as if you’ve been selected in your dream college and you’re studying in it. Think, feel, and behave as if you’re a student of the college you want to study.

You may say, “I have not got college acceptance yet. So, how can I fool myself by saying that I have already been selected for college?”

It is correct that you’ve not been selected yet. But, you need to fool your mind. First, you will feel resistance from the conscious mind. Over the period of time after the frequent reputation of acts, your mind starts to believe as if you’re already studying in your dream college.

Then, things get interesting. You start to attract opportunities and coincidences that will eventually lead towards your goal- to study in your dream college.

So, act as if you’re already studying in your dream college.

#5 Relax and receive

It is a human tendency to look for a quick result. We don’t want to wait longer for our goal to manifest.

Likewise, you may want to see the result quickly, so you check it every day. If you do so, you’re actually hampering your manifestation.

The truth is, it will take some time to manifest your dream. Accept that it is not going to happen overnight. There are things that can be manifested overnight, but not this one.

If you become obsessed with the result, two things happen that will push your dream even further.

First, you get disappointed when you don’t see the result. And because of this, you attract negative feelings, doubt, and fear. Second, you are not giving the Universe enough time to work on your dream if you check the result frequently.

So, you’ve to have patience and faith to manifest your dream college.


To conclude, you can manifest studying in your dream college. You can manifest college acceptance.

To do that, you need to practice the law of attraction with complete faith and positive feeling. You’re the creator of your reality. You can study in your dream college if it is your burning desire.

If you’re reading this sentence, it means you have got a burning desire to study at your dream college or university. How can I say that? If you were not serious about your goal, you would not be interested to read the whole article and come to the last part of it.

My best wishes are always with you. You now have a burning desire. You just need to practice the law of attraction with complete faith, you will surely manifest college acceptance, and a chance to study in your dream college.

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