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Energy Medicine Yoga and Yoga with Goats – Interview with Diana Malone

In her website, Diana Malone explains her work as “Promoting positive movement and energy through Yoga, Thought Field Therapy and Reiki”. Focusing on Yoga, we talked with Diana about what Energy Medicine Yoga is and also we had to ask about Yoga with goats and how that works. Check out our interview!

What is the difference of Energy Medicine Yoga to other variations?

Energy Medicine Yoga is an integrative yoga practice accessible to students of all levels. The power and comprehensive practices of EMYoga incorporate pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, visualization and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, The practice includes asana poses, breath work, meditation and Energy Medicine techniques such as acupressure holds, Neurolymphatic Reflex self-massage (a unique and powerful way of working with and clearing your lymphatic system), and energy channel clearings.

EMYoga will help unlock the language of your body to amplify your healing power – mind, body, and spirit. EMYoga touches every area of your life because energy touches every area of your life.

You have practiced yoga for 4 decades. What changed in this period? Are we more open to different cultures, experiences and treatments?

The biggest change is the number of styles of Yoga. This is great as it makes it accessible to more people.

There is more conversation now regarding self care and healing. This often brings people to alternative therapies and they are certainly talked about freely more.

People have come to realise that living experiences instead of consuming stuff is far more satisfying and longer lasting. I feel we are more experimental and open to trying a wider range of things than when I first started.

Besides Yoga, you also use Thought Field Therapy and Reiki. How does everything work together to improve people’s lives?

We are all energy,and we vibrate at different frequencies. There is an optimal frequency of wellness for each of us. Using these energy based modalities we are returning the body and mind to optimal function by raising and balancing those energies and frequencies. Life circumstances from food choices to our relationships all impact our energies, dis-ease only manifests in a body that is not vibrant.

When we feel well we find joy, peace and love.

I know that Goat Yoga brings everything you need to know in the name. But how did you come up with the idea and what is the feedback you receive?

The concept was born in the USA by Lainey Morse. I was contacted by a goat owner I knew here and we decided to try it in the UK. It has been massively successful and I am now in my 7th year. Everyone loves it. It is often the most calm and present they have felt for years. Their anxiety, sadness, fears and depressive thoughts melt away in the sessions. People travel for miles and often stay in the area for a short break.

How does your retreat work? Is it monthly, annual?

Our retreats are small so the attendees have our full attention. We work with the seasons and the moon cycles. Jessica and I bring to the group our many years of experience to allow them to release, reset and rise up stronger than when they came. We share ways they can heal themselves giving them greater confidence that the changes will remain once they return home.

So they will be seasonal. We are working on the next date. We also offer day retreats for those who find getting away for a weekend difficult.

To finalize, please, what is your top argument to convince our readers and everyone to practice yoga.

Firstly, think of practicing Yoga for your mind(mental health) first. Find a gentle class with plenty of breath work and meditation. The physical aspect may come naturally later. To calm the mind is to calm the body and I feel that is the place to begin. Yoga gives you an internal power, tools to deal with life and all that it throws at us. From there it will aid strength in the body.

Yoga has got me through deaths, divorces (yes 2) bullying and much more.

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