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Insight Timer Stories are a great tool to make it easier for you as a teacher to stay present on your followers’ home screen: more students can discover your teachings, and ultimately, your audience and income may grow.

Stories are located at the top part of the home screen. You cannot manually publish or edit them, but you can disable the Story feature if you want to keep your sessions and content private.

Every time you publish a new piece of content, it will automatically be displayed as a story to all your followers who have this feature enabled. It provides a great tool for the discoverability of your new content.

When a student clicks on a story (from a teacher or a friend), it will automatically play the first few seconds of the featured track.
The student can then click on its title to listen to the full audio, or jump to the next story.

1. Tap on the story
2 Listen to the first seconds of the track / Tap on the title
3. Click “Play” to listen to the entire audio

Even students who don’t have the stories feature enabled will get a notification about your latest release in their notifications tray, so that everyone interested can stay up to date with your new content.

Left: new releases on Stories.
Right: new releases on the Notifications tray.

And here is where it get’s exciting and important for your discoverability: Every time a student listens to a piece of your content, it will automatically be shared on their story (if the feature is enabled).
This means everyone in this person’s Insight Timer network will also be exposed to your content and it becomes a lot easier for students to discover new content and teachers they love.

Your newly released content is available on your followers’ stories for 7 days.
(Teachers are shown with a pink circle)

When a user listens to your content, it will show on their friend’s stories.
(Friends are shown with a teal circle).

As you can see, it is important to be present on your followers’ stories if you want to have more exposure on the app and increase the number of plays, ratings, and comments, and, consequently grow your income.

To achieve this, we recommend you upload content regularly (as every time you publish new content, it will be shown on your stories for 7 days and your followers will be able to see it).

We also recommend working on growing your number of followers by:

  • Hosting regular Live events: invite your audience to follow you/ join your Group.
  • Inviting your external network (clients, colleagues, students, friends, and family) to download Insight Timer and follow you as a teacher.

As always, if you have any feedback or questions feel free to get in touch by reaching out to

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