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Connecting different cultures and backgrounds with Angel Morgan

Trained and guided by Peruvian shaman, native aboriginal elders, and mentors from Africa in the energetic healing arts, Angel Morgan works as a psychic, medium, animal communicator and energetic expert for almost two decades.

The diverse knowledge base and backgrounds is one of the questions we had for Angel in this interview that you can read below, along with tips for people that are just starting to get in touch with their intuitive side and experiences with clients.

When did you discover your gift?

I discovered my gift when I was in my late 20’s. I started getting outdoors, doing mountain biking and experiencing other activities. The more I was in the elements, the more I started to realize weird things happening. Through various circumstances, I ended up in this little store called The Hedge Witch, in Newmarket, Ontario.

It was really cool because I had bought my deck of oracle cards the night before and I kept pulling the same card, which kept saying “look for the raven, look for the crow”. And I walked into this little store and there was a crow sitting at the top of the shelf, so I thought “this is the place”. I started asking questions and the owner told me I was a witch.

I thought she was crazy, but they had a reader there and I had never had a reading before, so I wanted to know what she was going to say. At that time, I was in theatre, but the reader, who is like a sister to me now said “This is what you will be doing”.

Six months later, I ended up in Guatemala, and they said I was going to talk to animals, to which I thought “what is wrong with these people?” When I got back home I went to a healers facility opening to see what it was about. I signed a binder there and got an email a week later telling me about an animal communications class coming up.

I didn’t want to go but a friend of mine convinced me to. So, I went and, long story short, at the end of that class I was a believer. I ended up going back to the store, she interviewed me and hired me! Here I am, more than 20 years later, doing the work I am doing.

You’ve been influenced by a lot of completely different knowledge. How does everything connect in your mind?

When I started, I didn’t think any of it connected. When I was a little girl, I used to have dreams of jaguars and snakes, and did not understand that. When I was in Guatemala, during the ceremony, they showed me, in the fire, jaguars and snakes, and I still did not understand that. Through the medicine men in Peru, I’ve found out that jaguar is actually my power medicine, and the snake Is my spirit animal.

My teachers have all come from the different cultures that I walk. When the Peruvian medicine men came here to Canada, a friend of mine invited me to see them with her. They told me I needed to go work with them and started teaching me.

I think all these different cultures came to me because I am open, and I believe that whatever needs to speak with me, to help me on my path will show up. But many cultures have all come to me because they are the ones I’m very energetically tied to. All of these different cultures have been a part of my life in some way. Peruvian, native aboriginal, Asian and even African culture.

All things in my life are symbolic and connected and I love cultural history, I love to learn about cultural folklore and the mysticism around it. I actually teach about those different cultures and how they all tie into one. I think this is important to me because I walk the old ways: even as an animal communicator, I always tie back to the old cultures.

Do you think you can help clients achieve the same findings you’ve had over the years?

Yes, especially recently I seem to be really drawing a clientele of not just people seeking answers or pet owners anymore, but also people who are on this path and want to open up or beginning to open up are coming to me.

For instance, I’ve had a woman who worked with the Akashic records. So, I decided to do a reading with her to see where it’d go, and it ended up being a class in which I was able not only to show her how to get into them, but she took over.

This year, I’ve decided to do all my classes and ceremonies for free on Instagram. The reason I wanted to share that is because I want people to really understand the work I do and to see it happening live, and to know that they can do it too.

Do you have any tips for people who are starting to get in touch with their intuitive side?

Yes: explore everything, dismiss nothing, say ‘thank you’. For me, dismissing nothing is the most important thing. When we are having an experience of any kind, it’s about acknowledging it and experiencing it.
I teach that, when you are having or when you think you are having a psychic experience, allow it to happen. It’s like a rollercoaster: take the ride and think about it later.

How do you tell what your clients need? Do you prefer them to choose from your services or do you direct them?

Most people will book something and, if I find it’s not the right thing, I’ll suggest them to do some other type of service or to do the session at some other date, if I feel the timing is not the best. They come for guidance, and they trust me, and I am so blessed for that.

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