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What Do We Do After Enlightenment?

Do we just ignore the material planes? Leave earth and stop incarnating into it? Cease to be concerned with those who struggle with the problems we have mastered?

Learning how to disconnect from all forms of matter and be centered in our consciousness are very important skills that free us from any significant influence from matter. But then what? Leaving behind shattered thought-forms leaves a primordial mess — somewhat like wet cement in which children can write their names. What is next? What does this mean?

Sometimes we fail to consider what is the spiritual destiny of individual humans, and more importantly, the destiny of humanity. I would suggest that the largest part is to come into the realisation of full soul consciousness. This would mean being fully aware of our soul’s understanding, values, skills, perspective, and alliances while we are incarnate. This is far more than a detached and blissful state (which is really the kindergarten phase of early spirituality).

This means we are reaching for and achieving in small steps a full membership in the Fifth Kingdom, and doing this in the earthly state, not after leaving our incarnation.

Jesus taught us to be aware of the life of the soul (the heaven within). The next few steps are to begin and complete the process of realizing what this means and developing the awareness, knowledge, and skills that go with these realizations.

Joining the life of the soul in full earthy (incarnate) consciousness, not theory or aspirations, and how to do this will be prominent in the new spiritual teachings and work in the next few centuries. It will receive a lot of attention in the “new spiritual regime.”

The point is: inspired rational beliefs, understanding, and abilities will be prominent in the new teachings.

The new focus will emphasize the work of turning beliefs into knowledge, aspirations into abilities, and faith into realization. We need to take the virtues we respect and convert them into active lifestyles that incorporate the skillful use of love, intelligence, and will. This is a huge leap beyond faith and hope. And yes, these concerns are already in play for certain groups.

Obviously, a lot of work is entailed in this at the individual level as well as in the basic culture of spiritual studies. The old Eastern concept of considering material forms (etheric, astral, and mental) as an illusion will eventual be augmented with the insight that they actually have an existence that is “real” on the plane where they exist. But fortunately, there is a higher reality that has authority and control over these substances, if we are willing to develop the capacity to work in this manner.

This perspective opens new doors to self-mastery and the larger work of bringing heaven to earth. It also opens us to more problems and mischief and lots of distractions. But then, this is expected on the spiritual path.

The point is, we need to have a tight focus on our line of spiritual service, but we also need to have a perspective that allows us to see where our work is one of the pieces that fits into the fabric of the larger spiritual endeavor of enlightening the entire human race and its culture and civilization.

Light and love of spirit flows into us from top-down. That is, the perfect design and power to adjust, reform, and purify our three major bodies come through us from spirit. The wisdom of spirit flows through our mind to reach us and our body. The love of spirit flows through our mind and emotions to reach us and the body.

Therefore, our ignorance, pettiness, malice, greed, lust, stubbornness, and so forth automatically filter and contaminate the force of spirit. This is why the main thrust of spiritual studies should be to emphasize the purifying and enlightening of the mind and emotions (mental housecleaning). Faith, hope, aspirations, right expectation, and mature intentions are a major part of this. Humility and self-discipline are the fundamental virtues to begin this process, but much, much more must be added to the mix to make significant progress.

Yes, the personal mental state with all its phobia, dislikes, preferences, and quirks can be major causes of disease. However, blowing away the mind is not a proper cure. These techniques can be useful when used with wisdom and performed judiciously, but the larger process of purification and reform is the primary way obstructions to spirit are achieved by ordinary people.

Beware. Too much detachment from all grades of matter and physicality can cause us to lose some of our humanity in the narrow sense of being insensitive, disconnected, and spiritually selfish. Some spiritual aspirants are tempted to pursue this path because it is just as seductive as the lust for power or comfort can be to other types of people.

Therefore, we need to be aware that our part of the work to help others on the spiritual path does not also mislead people. Just as the art of detachment is essential, it can also lure some to become alienated from their own problems (very common) and even their spiritual purpose. Learning to dispel the influence and appetites of astral and mental matter is fundamentally important, but it is a step to new states of awareness, knowledge, and abilities—not a final goal in itself.

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