King Solomon’s Jinn Ring

“We certainly tested Solomon, reducing him to a mere skeleton on his throne.
He turned to Us and prayed: ‘Lord forgive me! Grant me such power as no one after me will have- You are the Most Generous Provider.’
So We gave him power over the wind, which at his request ran gently wherever he willed,
and the jinn––every kind of builder and dive,
and others chained in fetters.
‘This is Our gift, so give or withhold as you wish without account.’
His reward will be nearness to Us, and a good place to return to.”

Holly Quran – Surah Sad: 34-40

In the Arabic and Jewish folklore, Solomon’s seal or Solomon’s ring is a magical signet ring that gives him the power to control and command all living beings and natural elements. The medieval Arabic writers wrote that the ring was engraved by God and was given to the king directly from heaven. It has the properties of both amulet and talisman. By the power of this magical ring, King Solomon is seen not only as a king but also as a prophet and a magician. There are many legends and stories about the ring mentioned in different occult and religious texts passed down from the extra-biblical Jewish traditions and the Islamic scholars.
Even today, Solomon’s ring continues to have a magical hold on the Arabic mystical arts.
Solomon’s power and control over all demons and jinn, gave him miraculous abilities to build temples, palaces in his expansive kingdom, and absolute wisdom and rule over humans and spirits.

According to the legends after the mighty king’s death, the ring was thrown in the sea and lost, so no other human possesses such power again but in the Arabic magical tradition survived descriptions and specification of the design of the ring, and whoever is able to craft it will possessor the power to command the jinn and spirits.

We present to your attention the rare opportunity to possess a replica of King Solomon’s Ring. This is a ring for those who value and appreciate its potential and power. Almost any magician would like to possess the Ring of Solomon. We were no exception and during the years of our experience, research and studying of the ancient Arabic magical texts we managed to create copies of this extremely powerful artefact, and now we want to present you the chance to be one of the very few people who may have such ring. It is a potent and powerful tool in the hands of an adept. The ring we present to you is crafted and charged according to the magical instructions and texts left by the ancient Middle-Eastern sages. It can be used both for good and evil purposes, but beware – this ring is not a toy, and if used clumsy may expose you to temptation and peril.

The power of King Solomon’s ring can be used to command any jinn and demon. It is an incredible magical tool that will give you ultimate dominion over the spiritual world.

Merely wearing the ring by itself has the magical properties of:
-Protection from all evil, magic, spirits, and jinn
-Bringing quick response in your magical work
-Strength and potency
-Prosperity, wealth, and well-being
-Spiritual Awakening
-Attracting love and sexual desire towards
-Victory over enemies
-Wisdom and enlightenment
-Success and luck in life
-Honor and prestige

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King Solomon Djinn Ring - King Solomon’s Jinn Ring
Solomon Jinn Ring - King Solomon’s Jinn Ring
Arabic Solomon Jinn Ring - King Solomon’s Jinn Ring

Price: 450 euro

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]

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